TaylorMade HiToe Wedge tested on course

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Zach Hart says:

your aim was way off to the right

Nick Dear says:

I have this wedge in 58*. Really the best wedge I've used. You didn't mention the feel and sound…perfect imo. Still getting used to distances on full swing shots.

Jay McGillicuddy says:

I just purchased a set of Mizuno 900 JPX Forged iron set and just bough the T7 wedges. 56 & 60 degrees. They haven't come in yet.

pickin4you says:

If you have them, can you do a test comparing the Srixon Z565 to the Taylormade RSI TP/Forged? I know the RSI is a few years old. I have the RSI's and was thinking about the Srixons, but do not have a way to get ahold of a Z565 7 iron to test.

Jason O'Reilly says:

Just got mine last week, I have always struggled from 50-60 meters out and in bunkers, this club def fills that gap in the bag for me, got a lesson on how best to play those shots and had good results Sunday with it.

Paul Bown says:

Awesome review
Good to see you trying it from every position not just off a mat
Certainly a club I’m interested in
Maybe the 60*

jpugolf says:

Good vid Andy. I have only recently started to carry a 60 deg wedge…. just for those "I'll pop it over a bunker" …. and then the "escape from that said bunker" shots . Not sure I could go as high as 64 deg. Keep on with these on course reviews …they're excellent.

ahoyahoy booth says:

id love to play a course as quiet as yours mate. I played royal bowring park yesterday and it was slightly busier?

BTatHome says:

Good video Andy, does everything look better in the sun ?
Great looking wedge, and yes I had similar thoughts about being able to use a 64° version … the problem is finding these wedges at the moment. They seem to be selling fast!

Matt Gomez says:

Great video. My game isn’t ready for a 64 degree wedge yet but I really like the looks of the Hi-toe wedge.

Paul Gerencher says:

Just buy the original PM grind

DB George says:

I love the look of this club. I've only hit it off a mat (60 degree) and I really liked it. Trying to figure out a way to get it into my bag!

pickin4you says:

I'd love to have one, but they do not list a bounce, and I use wedges with a lot of bounce, as do many pro's, yet not many makers make them in these bounces. I would love to have one of those in a 60, but with 14 degrees of bounce. I am a flop shot guy, and do not do well with thin bounce wedges.

Graham B says:

Never tried a 64 deg wedge enjoyed your work again. Sounding like a stalker!

John Steward says:

but what would your gappings be going down to sand wedge and lob wedge?

Stan Thomas says:

I LOVE lob wedges and have a lot of them (all 60*)………….never played a Taylormade wedge before and I probably have 15 different lob wedges…………this 60* High Toe is everything you described……….one of the most versatile lob wedges ever, the grind is awesome. Great club by Taylormade……….it's the only one of their clubs in my bag!

Jeff Smith says:

Looks a good club Andy in all the different situations ,sits lovely behind the ball

Shane Turner says:

Superb review as usual have been looking at getting a 64 degree for a while now will definitely be giving this one a try ??

The Callaway Kid says:

Andy, how does the club compare to the Callaway sureout wedge. Both are 64 degrees?

grumpy2159 says:

Looks like a Callaway Sure Out ?

nunyo business says:

Dude, great video. Real world situations, good insights. I have hit a 64 before but have never gamed one. I use a 60 Vokey for pretty much everything inside of 100yds and I love it. Funny thing, I was just looking at wedges yesterday at our local store and wedges are $150 now!! Guess I won't be replacing my wedges every couple years anymore. I currently game a 52, 56 and 60, all Titleist. Crazy we were all using 46 PW's what, 15-20yrs ago??

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