TaylorMade HQ and Wentworth Preview with @RickShielsPGA @memygolf

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A sneak peak and preview of a visit down to TaylorMade HQ in Basingstoke and a match with me and Rick Shiels vs Me&MyGolf. Behind the scenes at TaylorMade Golf.
Please visit Rick's channel here www.youtube.com/RickShielsPGAGolf
And Me and My Golf here
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The videos are free to watch and give an idea of my coaching methods used at Trafford Golf Centre in Manchester.
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Thumper15 says:

Good stuff!! Thanks Pete TM Adidas golf has a first rate operation there!
the pretty blonde was a pleasing addition!!!

Ian Hackett says:

Great insight into TM Adidas Golf. 

11hoursoff says:

Bloody awesome!!

James Gooding says:

so bloody lucky this would be amazing to go there!

Kevin Boudreau says:

Mr Smooth Swinging Peter Finch!

John White says:

I thought I heard you say “golf porn”? haha

Mark Kitching says:

Oh my god, who knew?? Heaven is in Basingstoke!!!!

Jonathan W Golf says:

Excellent video Peter. Really enjoyed the insight. Looking forward to the
other videos on Rick’s channel. Thanks for sharing.

redlinejcw says:

Some strong hinting that the Trafford boys we not victorious…boo!

Ron Geronimo says:

When will you guys post the vlog match?

LilFinga says:

finchos. good stuff mate. solid experience id say. keep up the production!

Tiger O'Sullivan says:

Pretty awesome video

Barlow260 says:

Quality video. Excellent behind the scenes and some laugh out loud bits!

benjo33682 says:

Great comment on Ricks cribz wardrobe bit, “hmm not quite as gay as I
imagined”. Quality!

Tancoish says:

This match will be epic!

Robert Clark says:

that blondie is well fit

Martin Moore says:

Hi Peter. Just wanted to leave you some feedback re your contribution to
the tournament with me & my golf. Just wanted to say thanks. Best course
vlog ever. Very entertaining and great to see some serious competition:-) .
Avid followers of all three of your channels. Keep them coming. 

Andrew Foulds says:


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