Taylormade JetSpeed Driver

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Review of the Taylormade JetSpeed Driver 2014 by Award winning PGA Professional Matthew Conner,

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Matthew's most recent awards ‘Golf Foundation PGA Professional of the year 2009', ‘Scarborough & District Sports Coach of the Year 2010' and former PGA Rookie of the year.

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eddie brown says:

Was thinking about getting one of these. You’re video sold me on it,
especially with the deals out there. I swing 88-92…..do you suggest
regular or stiff? Thanks and continue the great work.

Chase Florell says:

Got this driver on a deal at Golftown. Free Fairway wood when you buy the
driver. Had to go stiff to control my spin, but I’m happy with an average
of 260 – 280 yards. I do struggle with a fade (and some times a full on
slice), but that comes down to my swing, not the club.

Eddie MADHard says:

Hi, I’m a handicap 6 player averaging total 250-265 yards with a 11 year
old 580R 9.5º stiff driver, my swing speed is 100-102 mph.
I’ve won last weekend a Jetspeed driver with a stiff Matrix 49 gram shaft
and a default 10.5º loft.
I’m 6′ and have a slight tendency to fade the ball but most of the times
it’s straight but little bit pulled.
What loft should I play?
I went to a clubmaker and explained to me what the spine of a shaft is.
Has the default matrix shaft a spine? How would the spine affect the
consistency if rotated 90º instead of facing the target?
Do you think I will be able to gain distance?

Thanks Matthew!

Matthew Collins says:

I hit one shot with this driver 467yards. And that was with a half swing.
When my broken arm heals ill hit it further

Paul Carlyle says:

tryed this jetspeed 9,5 stiff upto 10.5 and sldr and callaway razr
I was hitting jetspeed past sldr and razr and my old taylor made r540xd 

Nicholas Craigen says:

What shaft is that?

Sgt Pepper says:

So many new drivers coming out,will any any of them kick your covert out
the bag?maybe the new covert 2.0 tour as that’s a 460cc I believe

David Bozaan says:

279 yards

Lee Huff says:

In comparison to the R1, how would you rate this driver. I am a low to mid
handicap and have a natural draw with my swing. The R1 is what I am using
now, but I feel like it may not be “right” for me. I average anywhere
between 275-290 off the tee so distance isn’t my issue, but more
consistency. My misses are usually pulled hooks to the left. I have a
naturally high ball flight also.

grumpy2159 says:

new Big Bertha?

S Jan says:

When is the next TM driver coming out? this one has been around for…
euh… 10 minutes 🙂 Just joking, but how many drivers can one produce
without loosing credibility?

Luke Pullen says:

Good review again. Interested in the nike waterproof top. Is it any good??

Eugene Robson says:

Thumbs up Matt

luka medak says:

Had the first rbz driver once i hit the jetspeed 10.5 i was sold got 30
extra meters on drive bought the driver then and there :)

Sergio Shafi says:

You sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger haha but good Videos! You help me
finding the new Driver Thumbs UP!

David Bozaan says:

Matthew, how does the JetSpeed distance compare with the Nike Covert 2.0

Sgt Pepper says:

When you loft up on this driver does it close the clubface?

Ridhwan Ariffalah says:

Handicap 2 is it good for fade hitter? do you get slice easily with that?

Jim Nelmes says:

currently have TM super fast 2.0, want to replace with jet speed driver,
would u say this is a good option for me, I hit the ball quite low and I am
an 18 handicap trying to get down this year.

Rich Ellis says:

Given there is now the RBZ stage 2, R1, Jetspeed and SLDR drivers to choose
from could you do a mini drive off between the 4 ? Appreciate all have
their particular features but I am in the market for a new driver and it
would be great to see how they all compare together

Great channel and keep up the reviews and tips

Howard Boylan says:

Was the longest hit, the one off the bottom? TM recommend hitting it there
for extra fizz ….apparently.

martijn aerts says:

Could you make a comparison between the jetspeed and the sldr 

Satchel Osiris says:

Great review and thanks for being on top of the new releases. I recently
hit the JetSpeed Driver at a local New York golf store, and it had an
excellent lightweight feel and gorgeous matte black looks. I don’t like the
top graphics, but overall a great albeit pricey driver, although it’s less
expensive than the SLDR.

Scott Mensi says:

Not a fan of the top graphics. 

Ross John Flaherty says:

If your in the market for a new driver, which is best to go for the RBZ
stage 2 or Jetspeed? RBZ will go down in price once the JS is released. Is
the JS worth the extra money?

emac417 says:

Matthew, you looked like Mr Arnold Palmer when you hit the low fade.
Nice Job1

Ian Hackett says:

Thanks Matthew, looks good.

TME88 says:

+SnaintonGolf still play the 2009 Burner but itching for something new.
This JS seems very similar to the Burner. Which would be a bonus, as I’m
comfortable and familiar with it….Good price too.
For the love of god man, get some baby wipes on them TW13’s….poor things!

Sgt Pepper says:

Do you prefer the jetspeed or sldr matt & why?

brandon12382 says:

Is there any way that you could do a review on the Jetspeed TP version? Or
give any thoughts on the difference between the regular version and the TP?

blip cat says:

Matthew, your review was very informative and to the point….TM comes out
with so many clubs so quickly, it is a chore trying not to go buy the
latest model. All in all excellent review…keep up the good work.

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