TaylorMade JetSpeed Driver

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TaylorMade JetSpeed Driver reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the JetSpeed driver with the help of Matthew Lockey and talks about its design and launch characteristics. The low forward COG driver supported by TaylorMade golf's LOFTUP ad campaign is put tot he test by these two PGA golf professionals. Watch and see if JetSpeed drivers could help you play some better golf and improve your scores.

30 thoughts on “TaylorMade JetSpeed Driver

  1. I bought this driver a couple of months ago, old driver was TM r 5 quad (or
    Yes the shaft for me it too long off the tee, i have to choke down an inch.
    But i have found it is pretty good out of rough with a good lie instead of
    a 3 wood. I have to grip at the end, put the ball in the centre of my
    stance and swing very hard, it goes further than my 3 wood, quite low but
    As a result i have left the 3 wood out of the bag and use an extra wedge

    As a driver i like it, a little bit further then my old driver , and i find
    fades & draws are easier to control

  2. I would have to agree. I’m only 5’5 and the shaft for me is ridiculous.
    I’ve adapted to swinging it, and on a good day, I could hit this around
    270+ yards. I loved this more than the SLDR, which I previously owned, and
    I liked hitting this more. I’m not the best golfer, but this driver is very
    nice, and I recommend it. 

  3. I bought the Jetspeed HL today, and took it out on the range. I have to say
    that I had some interesting results with this club – if anything, I would
    say that I’ve lost 10-15 yards with this club in comparison to my old
    driver, but the forgiveness of the Jetspeed is just astonishing. What were
    once vicious slices are now very slight fades, and pull hooks are now high,
    arching draws. A great driver for the high – mid handicap golfer. I must’ve
    hit 30 balls, and 28 of them were gun barrel straight.

  4. Well Mark Did not find the shaft too long and after a few holes really
    enjoyed hitting it and was consistant too worth a look for the price
    compared to other drivers 

  5. I honestly didnt feel like the shaft was ‘too’ long when testing
    this…though I am 6’3”! At address the club looks a tad chunky and
    cumbersome, but it aligns really well and sits on the turf beautifully. I
    loved the feel at impact, super soft and springy and the noise was
    surprisingly soft and low compared to the X2 I was also trying. Out the
    sweet spot the ball exploded off long and straight. Will be adding this to
    bag shortly.

  6. I remember the good old days when Mark used to say 300-400 rpms of spin
    makes little difference it’s more about the quality of strike. I know
    shafts that can lower the launch and spin as much as the center of gravity
    change discussed in the video and you don’t even lose the MOI of the club.
    Shaf-toid out.

  7. I am looking to see you do the reviews on the Cobra BioCell and BioCell+.
    I guess the question of the day is are you going to bag the SLDR? The
    numbers seem to point to the fact that properly set it is something

  8. In view of TM’s “new laws of golf” that everybody in the world MUST HAVE a
    17- degree launch angle and 1700 rpm of spin , I’d like to see you tweak
    all the adjustable bits and bobs to match their notion of “perfect
    conditions” and see how many miles it goes (or doesn’t go) . Cheers , Nige

  9. The Ping is going on ebay. I’ve now played 3 rounds with the Jetspeed and
    average about 280 meters with occasional 295-305 meters. It’s a weird
    feeling when I try to slow my swing to have better control like my previous
    drivers. I loose control and my ball either fades or draws. If I hit it
    like I’m trying make a permanent flat spot on the ball I get a long
    straight ball flight which I have never had the pleasure when I swing that
    way. There is no way I would ever use any other driver now and if I broke
    one per week for any reason, I’d buy one every week until I lost all my
    balls and was not able to play anymore. Well worth the money for me. I
    usually have a high ball flight with a fair amount of spin with other
    drivers. If this sounds like you. Put one in your bag!!!

  10. Would love to see how you go about custom fitting Matt, but going through a
    few more drivers trying different loft/shafts etc. This would great so we
    can see how a custom fit actually should be done and therefore have a
    comparison when we go and get one in our local pro shop. I sometimes get
    the feeling it is literally just being handed a few drivers I might like
    with no ‘real’ guidance for changing my numbers.

  11. If matt doesn’t like the length of the shaft he could use the Tp version
    because it goes down to 44inch shaft and its slightly stiffer as well 

  12. Mark – All of this forward CG/Loft-up has my attention. Before I consider
    moving to the Dark Side of the Force, I’d like to know how much club speed
    plays into this… do I have to bring the heat in order to get the benefits
    of Darth Taylor’s technology? Thanks!

  13. Like the duo test mark. Would love to see this continued of possible. To
    bad about your launch monitor being broken for the SLDR test. Glad to see
    you got a new one.(wink)

  14. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the tips and videos, I have appreciated them get a lot out of

    I tested the Jetspeed driver and had it set to 9.5 straight out of the box
    settings. I was getting some interesting numbers from it. My former drivers
    were TaylorMade R11s set to 9 degrees and was averaging about 240m spin
    rate average was 3000, the other is the Ping G25 set to 10.5 degrees
    averaging 250m, not sure of spin rate. The Jet speed was giving spin rate
    of 4000 – 4500rpm and ball flight was fine and I was hitting it 270m on
    average, carry was 260m. Smash factor was at 1.4 and swing speed was
    110mph. The spin rate is very high and seem a little bit absurd, But the
    computer doesn’t lie, lol. The ball flight does seem to be a bit lower then
    my previous drivers. Well I decided to buy the Jetspeed this afternoon,
    after all 20m is 20m. I will be testing it on the course tomorrow to see if
    the Ping or the Jetspeed will end up on ebay.

  15. It would be very cool, if you could make a database with all the numbers of
    all the drivers. Then one could do some quick comparisons. It would be
    absolutely awesome!!

  16. I think if Matt was fit into a better shaft for his swing I think he could
    see better numbers with 910. He’s getting good launch with 910 just
    spinning a little too much. Jetspeed might’ve been lower spin and more ball
    speed but launch isn’t ideal. Think it would be interesting to see a test
    where you try and find a better shaft for Matt then compare it again to

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