TaylorMade JetSpeed Fairway

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TaylorMade JetSpeed Fairway reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru.Mark hits the JetSpeed fairway used by many of the TaylorMade tour players like Justin Rose. See how the JetSpeed fairway preforms with its low forward CG and loftup ideas. If its a 3 wood or 5 wood you are after will the TaylorMade Golf JetSpeed help you hit better golf shots.


Kelyn Carney says:

Big fan of this club. I recently did what Mark was talking about in this
video. I replaced my 2/3 hybrid with the 5 wood and absolutely love it. Hit
this thing so pure and true – every single time! I’m a big fan of this

Michael Gray says:

Mark — is it just me or has your swing gotten a bit more upright on the

I share your skepticism regarding the speed pocket; if club mfg’s were
achieving max allowable C.O.R. with their ultra-thin face designs prior to
the introduction of these “face-flexing” innovations, how much additional
flex (if any) can they really be adding?

aaron hargis says:

OMG watching this video with the captions on is hilarious

lenny law says:

Is there gonna be a 100k subscriber special. Maybe a whats in the bag?

Luke Day says:

Jetspeed 3 wood is a monster

Martin S says:

Hey Mark, great videos. Would you consider doing a video for fun, comparing
the best wooden made fairway woods and drivers, to modern fairway woods and
drivers? There’s nothing out there doing a proper comparison. Would love to
see a proper comparison video with numbers and stats..

devan mccrory says:

Love your videos! Just wondering though, your first shot definitely looked
like you (might) have pulled it but your slow motion video was different.
You can even tell by the ball placement. Only reason I ask is because for
myself it would add even more confidence knowing that even some of the best
such as yourself can have mishits as well.

Simon Hjelm says:

Wow very low spin these Jetspeed fairwaywoods, would fit me perfectly since
I have way too much spin like James :p

Ken Battaglia says:

Congrats on 100k subscribers, Mark! 

TheArfdog says:

I don’t get the comment about “they’ve shown me the data, but does is
matter?” If you don’t believe the physics, what won’t you believe. TM’s
marketing leaves a lot to be desired, but you can’t argue with the physics.

Leftienige Blank says:

Hi Mark , I seem to recall you saying a while ago that higher-hcppers would
play better off the deck with more loft than most 3-woods have .
Do you think this might do the job , or would even more than 19 degrees
(say a 21* 7-wood) be best ?
Cheers , Nige .

terminalpunk says:

After the all inspiring vlogs in Portugal by Parfield some mates and I went
out there to start the summer early. I rented these woods and as a high
handicapper this 5 wood was my go to club both off the deck and tee. It
never failed to deliver. If I had the cash, I’d splash….and I don’t mean
into the water you saw Rory in!

Darren Cornwell says:

Congratulations mark 100,000 followers …….
Top chanel keep it up 

Steve Reed says:

Love my 5 wood, never coming out of my bag. If I drop anything it’s the 3

Daniel TheGolfShagger says:

I got an extra 12 yards when I used this 5 wood versus my RBZ 5 wood. Flies
off the club face !!

Andy Wit says:

Would’nt you want to hit it spot on every shot? Whenever I watch your vids
can’t help but think Marky Mark.

James Brady says:

Let’s get stuck in

Strat TelePaul says:

I tested the TM stuff as well as all the others out there and wound up
going with the i25 driver, 3 wood and 19 degree hybrid. They just worked
best with my swing. First 3 wood I have been able to hit off the deck
consistenly in years. They all gap very well with my Rocketbaldez Tour
irons. My PW is 47 degrees, and I compliment that with 52 and 58 degree
Cleveland CG-16 wedges. No gap issues. BTW, my RBZ Tour 4 iron is as easy
to launch as your EZ. 🙂

And Mark, after watching your putting in the course vlogs, I think you
should try the Nike Method Core MC03w or equivalent style in another brand.
Several companies make this style. I think it would fit your stroke much

Will Watt says:

congrats on 100,000

Ramsey16 says:

I think jet speed is out in a month to be replaced by a gray crowned sldr s
class 3w. Gotta get these vids out earlier to keep up with TaylorMade lol. 

gbvoul says:

Mark argues the use of words used for teaching and marketing such as “swing
plane” and “game improvement” the word ‘custom’ in custom fitting seem
just as ridiculous. 

Brody Vecera says:

SLDR fairway 3 wood review please. Love vids.

Y0RIC HUNT says:

Was that first hit a big slice?

gorillashathole says:

Can you also do a video on the new 2014 taylormade tour preferred model
irons preferably the CB and MC

BANDANA960 says:

Good as always mark! can you do reviews of the new tour preferred irons and
maybe the SLDR mini driver. We need some decent reviews of these clubs! 


Congrats on 100k mark ;)

Liam Tonner says:

Have the driver and the 3wood 15*. I’m not that good at golf but when I
catch these clubs clean, I always feel the explosion of the ball off the
club face. Haven’t been too successful manipulating trajectory of the ball,
but again I am not that good at golf. Liked the video, just wanted to see
what Crossfield had to say on the matter.

Lewis F says:

Hi Mark, how do you collect the data that you show in your videos? Thanks


Does he even reply to any comments, as he always says “post comments”??

Xacti100 says:

Well done Mark on the fantastic vids and the 100k subscribers. Tried the
club out at the course today and didn’t get on with it at all (it was a tad
to long for me) I know I could get it fitted but my Callaway Razr X HL 4 is
doing it for me at the moment.

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