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Another inside look into a real life fitting situation with a former PGA & Japan Tour Winner.

Dean Wilson's golf knowledge is extremely high & his control of the club remains exceptional. Enjoy front row viewing as he puts the new SIM 2 Driver through an initial testing session at the exclusive TaylorMade Golf, Kingdom test facility in Carlsbad California.

Learn more about Dean Wilson on Instagram: @deanwilson

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John Eden says:

I would love to get a day just getting fitted at the Kingdom ??

Rob Bayntun says:

Great content! Would love to know what equipment (shaft specs and head settings) was being tested and why.

Jake Skillman says:

Best fitting content out there right now. It really shows there are levels to the fitting profession besides shoving club/shaft combos in a player's hand until trackman gives the thumbs up.

Neil Murphy says:

Brilliant video Trottie! I’m really enjoying the new format. I have a full bag fitting next week. I’ve had my irons for 5 yrs and fancy a change. I’ve been lucky enough to have my own TM3e and indoor sim, so I know all of my numbers. Driver CHS 108mph ball speed 158 – 164mph ( on course). Consistent inside path 2-4 degrees and 0-2 AoA. Ball spin 2400-2800. Looking at the Hazardus Black and Tensei White pro 1k shafts in Driver. Sim2, Ping g425 LST. Titleist TSi3 head maybe.Thinking of a combo set ( Mizuno MP20, Srixon ZX7/blades or Titleist T100/blades).

Curtis Smith says:

What were all the shafts you tried?

Curtis Smith says:

I had major confusion because I watch/race Motocross and Supercross (as well as golf) and there is a pro with the name of Dean Wilson ?

Jose Enrique S says:

Brother! I have a question and really need your help to understand my Sim Driver. If I have it in upright and std loft, how much does it affect the spin? more spin or less spin? If I Lower loft, more spin or less spin? Thank you!!!

Mark Kennedy says:

These videos are awesome love hearing the process, and what a great swing. Great stuff Trottie!

Paul Dickson says:

Great insight showing the trust between player and fitter. Is the new club in his bag?

Patrick Kennedy says:

Guys got a timeless swing my god it’s so good

Ryan Miller says:

Another great video. Love the new fitting serious with Deen and Jason. I learn a lot of good stuff from these videos. My negative attack angle needs work

RS_ Jones says:

Does he swing fast enough for a 6.5?

Keven Sandoval says:

Right. Like that ping ever had a chance

Alexander Casebeer says:

Is that red shaft an Accra TZ6?

Mason Walker says:

What kind of golf shoes is Dean wearing? Those look like Cole-Haan nike airs maybe? Look like I could walk out of the office on to the course.

Bradley Phelps says:

Loving this. Is Dean playing the champions tour.

Bryan Marks says:

Great video. How do I come get fit with you???
I have always played taylormade. I’m gaming a Burner superfast 2.0. For years. I just went to a srixion demo day and my old superfast 2.0 blew all the new Srixion drivers out of the water on the track man. I want to get fit for the Sim 2 tho.

Killcarteragain ! says:

Good stuff again. What loft/shaft did he go with? I have little more speed , about same attack angle but trying to hit little fade now and I’m debating on loft. Great video ?

Arthur Ford says:

Dean Wilson is a cool cat!

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