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Former PGA Tour Winner Jason Gore was gracious enough to allow me to film his SIM 2 Driver fitting at The Kingdom Carlsbad CA.

Living at mid 160 MPH Ball Speed, hitting 300 yard total drives on demand he demonstrates the consistency top players bring to the table when searching for the optimum ball flight.

Bouncing between a Fuji Ventus Black & Blue Model we talk in detail about the desired ” WINDOW ” to create endless ” HIGH BOMBS “

Huge thank you to Jason for allowing the camera to roll, sit back, SUBSCRIBE n enjoy…..




Jeremy Booth says:

This amazing stuff

Killcarteragain ! says:

What head did he end up with and what loft

Adam M says:

Definitely enjoyed this. Would love to see more like this

David Winstone says:

The title of the video should be “ Chris Trott genius at work “

graeme murray says:

Keep them coming trottie. The insight from this type of video is up there with the boys at TXG.

M M says:

Love these. Us golfers are all head cases. We know what’s best for us but sometimes cannot commit to it. It’s just Jason’s good enough to compensate and still play well but the average golfer needs to give up what they like to see or take the ego out and go by the numbers.

Blake Boring says:

Just told him how it is. Love that

Dom inooch says:

Hey Trottie I'm looking to get some new irons. I'm 5'6" and my local store says standard length is good for me. The clubs still feel a bit too long for me. What's the best way to determine what club length is right?

Dennis Wood says:

This is absolutely golden! Love it. Only thing keeping it from pure epicness would be some shot tracer too. Would love to see more videos like this!

Dan Beckman says:

Come on, I’m not buying that he’s buying (Paying).

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