TaylorMade M CGB Iron Review – Is It A Bomber!?

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TaylorMade M CGB Iron Review

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Alberto Fernandez-Sanguino says:

This is a revamped R7 CGB! Nothing really new. So much for new product launches. TM is a major joke.

Dogan Keskinkilic says:

Mate.If I put these set of clubs in my bag and on my electric remote control buggy.I will run out of power within half an hour.They look so chunky and ugly.WOW.But Good review as always Mike.

Justin Min Kim says:

how come the review club does not have the fluted hosel

john uren says:

Good review as always Mike. Would you say this is a super game improver iron or in the same category as the m2?

Robin Neibert says:

Skipped right past a fairly amazing descent angle for a sub 30 degree 7-iron. The complaint about distance irons is always their stopping power, but decent spin plus that descent angle ought to have these holding greens.

Jim Daigle says:

The more I see these reviews, it seems that you are seeing more of a focus on Improving the spin to go along with launch angle, height and descent angle. A 7 iron that goes as far as a traditional 5 iron, but with the launch, height, spin and descent angle of a 7. These are ugly, I agree, but they are moving the dial in that direction.

kierz79 says:

One thing this does test does as well is show how long the p790s are (I get they're sort of distance irons as well) but there's only a yard or two in it

ahoyahoy booth says:

theese are seriously ugly irons the john merrick of golf clubs. Great review though,you got better results with the benross type r.

Garry Grant says:

Mcgb 2 will be out for Christmas. Expect a price drop on the reviewed irons shortly.

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