Taylormade M CGB Iron Review

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The Taylormade MCGB Iron Review tested by GolfBox Golf Professional, Alex Etches – @tigerironsalex

View our Taylormade MCGB Iron Blog here – https://www.golfbox.com.au/golf-blog/taylormade-m-cgb-irons-cor-blimey/

The MCGB irons from Taylormade Golf closes the curtains on the fantastic Taylormade 2017 iron range. The M CGB iron offers forgiveness, draw bias and enhanced launch conditions, to target golfers struggling with the slice or launch.

The ‘M' Family offers the Taylormade M1 Iron and the Taylormade M2 Iron to offer forgiveness in a smaller head. With the Taylormade P Range, which includes the: Taylormade P730 Irons, Taylormade P750 Irons, Taylormade P770 Irons and the Taylormade P790 Irons. Which have also all been reviews by Alex Etches.

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Slowhiteguy says:

the iron is just so ugly ngl

David Villicana says:

These are not the types of clubs I'd ever play. I just enjoy watching your videos because you're one of a kind. You make it fun to watch. Best/honest reviews!

Adam Flynn says:

What did we do before the days of geocoustic thingamajig?
TM aren't a company i like (too many product releases too often imo) so good review but i wouldn't out these in my bag if they gave me them for free ?

Kurt Swiger says:

I just hit like immediately. Love your channel, bud.

Sananda Radhay says:

this man is amazing

Brandon Murarik says:

What are the parameters set to on that simulator if you don't mind me asking?

Matt Leader says:

To be fair you munch the golf ball!!! Great ball striker

Mark Goodswen says:

Taylor made are a joke how many clubs there bring out

GTFAN 99 says:

By far the best reviews i seen on youtube im more interested in your smart arse remarks and honesty would love to see you come work for a retailer that rhymes with trummond bolf.

stevedavis0304 says:

Move over Mr Shiels, Mr Crossfield, the big E is smashing reviews with such funny delivery and content, mahoosive fan

bluesky hay says:

Taylor made model: CGB – Cunts Grab Batty irons

LB says:

This is the ugliest club I've ever seen ?

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