TaylorMade M CGB Iron VS TaylorMade M2 Iron Head To Head

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Mike Cerniglia says:

Just another TM iron that we’ll see on the used rack in about 4 months. Come on…just buy some Pings or Mizunos and learn through practice. Don’t buy irons for looks. These things are polished cinder blocks. TM is becoming the Samsung of Golf

Nancy Hatten says:

I have the original CGB irons. I'm a 6 handicap so I'm not sure these clubs are just for game improvement. I've tried Mizuno irons and sold them, went back to my old CGB's. I like the M2 as I don't need any more heigth as claimed by the new CGB's. I have a fitting with Taylor Made in a few days, you can count on me checking the M2 out.

ahoyahoy booth says:

cheers michael based on your reviews and cost i went for the type r and couldnt be happier.keep up the great reviews.

S D says:

Can you do a workability test, hit some low punch shots and some fades on purpose?

Golfer206 says:

Thanks for this test. I am considering a change from old M2. Curious as to the weight of the new M2 and GCB head. Assume if GCB head is heavier due to tungsten weighting and more general mass than the M2 head wouldn't a different shaft than was used in the M2 be better for your swing when testing the GCB? Just thinking of feel and "swing weight feel". In a nutshell, isn't it possible that every shaft is not best for everyone iron head? Example, Dynamic Gold S300 in one iron head but KBS C-Taper in another? Thoughts, and thanks.

Justin Min Kim says:

love ur vids, and thx for the reply. but would love to see differences in higher clubs, where m2 doesnt have slots. p or 9. how forgiveness and distance compares!

Justin Stephenson says:

I no longer understand the difference between better player, GI & SGI irons. Sure a blade is obviously a better player iron but at the margins is an MP18-MMC a better player or a GI iron, is the G400 a SGI or a GI iron? Then you get to the new Titleists, in theory AP2 is the better player iron, AP3 then AP1 in orders of forgiveness but the idea that AP3 is merely a GI iron looks doubtful as pros are using it for long irons.

Just on looks the MCGB is obviously a chunky monkey SGI iron and the M2 shading towards a GI iron, yet the numbers particularly the spin numbers would suggest that it is the MCGB which is more controllable and the M2 the SGI distance iron.

For me unless the M2 has significantly better shot shaping ability than the MCGB, I no longer see the point of the M2 irons other than cosmetically they look nicer than the MCGB. The MCGB is almost as long as the M2s and the extra spin they get will make them far easier to stop on a green than the M2.

For any player who struggles to get enough speed into the swing to get reasonable launch the MCGB looks a really good choice

Chet Koczynski says:

I thought the difference in these clubs (or one of the main differences) was that it carried the tech throughout the set unlike M-2, which I don't believe does? If so, it'd be interesting to see the difference in performance with the short irons.

ahoyahoy booth says:

come on Michael put your neck on the line if you had to play one set which one? the john merricks, m2s, benross htx type r or callaway xr steelhead.No sitting on the fence please.

Stephen Pruszenski says:

Simply not a fan of these clubs: way too much going on for me.

Kellen M says:

How did the feel of each iron compare?

Garry Grant says:

What's the point? Seems they are almost identical… If the M2 was discontinued I could understand but….just another way of TMAG picking your pocket.

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