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PGA GOLF PRO – Rick Shiels tests the TAYLORMADE M1 IRONS Vs PING G400 IRONS on GCQuad!

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hodgey4 says:

The G400 has a higher loft but goes 3 yard further doesn’t that mean it goes further not even?

Johan Janse van Rensburg says:

Ping is king

UnseenSpirit says:

Would you buy M1 irons for 150 today?

Stuart Brown says:

Distance… The more lofted club went longer surely that wins? Rick speaks like the difference is down to the lower loft but it's the higher loft that went further

frazzmac5150 says:

I don’t think either are particularly pretty so, if if that’s all it comes down to and the Pings are better value, I’ll take them!

Jayson Wigley says:

Buying the G400s. Can't wait

JohnnyGS400 says:

U didn't show the top line Ping is so thin like a players iron blade, m1 is THICK, Ping by a MILE and its not even close in looks feel performance

Terry Davey says:

I think the G400 looks better

Nate Ross says:

Ping won and everyone sees it.

Kevin Wood says:

I tested these 2 (and others) clubs against each other before I bought the Pings. As this test is accurate, it differs for me going into a retailer because the shafts are different and I want to see what each manufacturer has to offer. I play graphite shafts and the Pings felt better and swung easier which becomes important when you get older. No pain whatsoever on mishits and I have carpel tunnel and arthritis. Forget about trying to work game improvement irons, I know how to work the ball but these I couldn't. Straight is important though so being in play will make both these irons do everything for a high handicapper such as myself. Other than the P790s I think Ping makes some of the best looking irons out there.

mikebing1230 says:

Just got fitted and I hit the G400 better than all the rest! Solid 152-155 with the 7. The m2, mizuno, the Callaway s, all in the 140 range and not very efficient, 1.1 smash vs 1.25-1.3 with the ping. Ball speed was crazy off the ping.

Shane Brown says:

Literally just got custom fitted for a set of g400's today. They feel bloody good and will replace my callaway XR-OS.

Mark Black says:

Bought my Ping G400's 3 weeks ago. Love them! Another great video Rick.

RD S says:

I simply LOVE my G400's. Did not like the G-Max irons I used to have tho….but these G400's are the real deal. I'm a 14 hdcp and shot 1 over on the backside at Trump National in Cal the other day. First round of the season.
Lasers….they are like lasers.

joseph rob says:

Ummm short throw projector and use up the entire screen. This is just lazy simulator set up. Not what i expect from a professional of your leval

Mark Bateman says:

Ping is best they have just gone in my bag. Mark.

Fred Buck says:

Identification arena regarding lnrnvxc hotel crop heaven access do kit.

Glenn Smith says:

I bought the M1s. I love them.

Donald Dopp says:

Are you going to have Mid-Handicap testing anymore?? I have liked them.

Jason Sechrist says:

In three months people will be replacing the TM'S because the face slots will cave in.

Jason Sechrist says:

Ping looks better by far.

David W says:

I was able to hit the G400's on a monitor and loved the tight dispersion and extra distance gained versus my current clubs. Looking forward to trying them outside along with Callaway Rogue, Standard and X. Thanks for another great review Rick!!

Jan Dekker says:

The M1 won on looks? Really? They're really nasty looking compared to the Pings, I reckon. Remind me slightly of the Callaway Rogues, which are horrid.

Lawrence MacDonald says:

Wait a week a taylermade will release more junk.

Lawrence MacDonald says:

Ping is a much better club for the average golfer and cheaper easy decision

Paul Lazarus says:

If it's looks only, Ping is the clear winner for me. Love the pearl finish and the transformer middle bit!

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