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PGA GOLF PRO – Rick Shiels tests the TaylorMade M2 Irons Vs Cobra F8 Irons!

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Rick Shiels Golf says:

Thanks for watching guys! Which irons do you want to see go head to head next? Let me know ?

Joel Peart says:

Not sure why anyone would be too worried about how far a 7 iron goes. Accuracy has to be 80% of the battle, surely?

Calens001 says:

Tuning in less and less to these head to head videos as they simply don't give an equal match up.

JustGolfSwing says:

2 ugly clubs lol.
This is the first time m considering that u r really getting sold out. Think mark is probably lil mo honest than. Rick watch our mate!! U r Taylor made staff. Face it. I’ve watched u for a long time ( e.g. tm balls). Really don’t get too greedy!

Stijn De Schepper says:

Please learn basic statistics before starting to interpret your results. I have said and read this multiple times.

Jack Steel says:

This is great rick looking for a new set of clubs so I'll be tuning into these videos

K4crasher says:

Like the new look reviews, Rick. A little less repetition would be good.

Randsurfer says:

Rick, that 1* of stronger loft in the M2 accounts for 3-4 yards of extra distance. Therefore, the M2 does not exceed the Cobra by the 5 yards needed to win that category. It is absolutely irrelevant that "7" is written on each club. You should know that and you should factor that into your analysis. I mean, what is the point of these videos if you aren't going to give us a superior insight into these clubs?

TheKennyr1 says:

Hello Ricky I’ve just got the m2 I went from cobra amp to these m2 and what a difference it has made to my game I use to struggle with my yardage till I got the m2 and now I’m not I’m playing off 18 and hope to to 10 next I’m playing in a winter league just to keep me going though winter I all so have a indoor skytrak sim like your testing video keep them cumin thanks kenny

Simon Zheng says:

Would have been interested to hear what shafts were used

chuckyz2 says:

The fad shots looked like draws or straight at best. Hat when you do indoor tests and dont show the flight scope on every shot. We cant see it against the wall.

Mike B says:

What happened Rick, you were dead eye dick with the F8 irons the other day.

h i says:

why not play with a round with the each of them instead of hitting them inside

Francisco Magariello says:

Great video! Cant wait to see this with more players a mid hdcp irons!

daniel depue says:

You did Great with the testing off the clubs I like the fact you tested the workability of them and my favorite is the m2

Bob R says:

Cleveland CBX v Cobra F8 one length what about Dobby?

Brent Thiemann says:

Ping i200 vs King F8

Karl Finlay says:

Titleist 718 AP1 vs Ping G 400 next please Rick ?

Gregory Tomczak says:

Rick, what about spin and consistency???

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