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Rexx Engineering says:

We're still dealing with 100 mph swing speeds here. What should the 90 mph or lower swinger be doing?

Michael Ramos says:

would have liked to have seen the regular epic vs m2….

jpentico says:

I would have liked to see him offer some different shaft options on the M2 to what it would have done to your numbers with that club. Seems to be one sided towards the Epic

Man LonG says:

Was the weight forward or back on the SZ?

yakkyuu12 says:

MORE PROOF the SHAFT is the engine,not that the club head is NOT important , BUT, the PROOF is the emphasis should be MORE biased toward the shaft

sabr686 says:

Sorry to learn he no longer has a store in the Vancouver BC area. ☹

Julio Rodriguez says:

Very Cool vid Shawn, I'm just amazed how you can throttle it back?

Golden Gate says:

Very interesting Shawn … Sometimes with equipment we get so caught up on marketing hype with distance that we forget to evaluate what the merits of an individual club our … In this case one club was superior with respect to the other with regards to fade versus draw … Just knowing that stepping into a golf equipment store can sure save you a lot of money … Thanks for doing this one … very informative and educational … and yes we will now call you "majestic …..

omeradhia says:

Love the equipment reviews Shawn. What would be interesting is getting an actual amateur (probably one of your students) to test out these as well to see how much of a difference fitting makes to their numbers.

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