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Golf Monthly Technical Editor Joel Tadman compares the looks and performance of the new TaylorMade M3 and M4 irons.

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Steve Fowler says:

Outstanding Joel. Concise and to the point with all relevant data covered…

Boges Malone says:

I have gone through three sets of M2’s all three had face slots break out of them. Unbelievable that they brought that horrible design flaw back

jake hinkley says:

M4 driving iron

Smasha says:

After the faces caving in on M1 and M2 irons you would have thought taylormade would've done away with the face slots…

Bob Carlisle says:

I think the M4 iron looks terrible

varment01 says:

No spin …….

Justin Stephenson says:

I bought the M1 last year and I really enjoy playing with them. I did try the M2 but it was uncontrollable for me – a full 7i to a green should stop on the green, with the M1 I could do that, with the M2 I could not.

What worries me about the M3 is the low spin – that looks too low to me – and the addition of tungsten weighting in the toe. This is something the MP18-MMC has. This was a club I tried, like M1 it was really easy to hit, ball launches high but with the MMC it gave me more of a draw shape than I am comfortable with which I attribute to the the toe tungsten weight and angular momentum. I would worry that the M3 would be the same.

Looking forward to M1 v M3 testing!

Gavin Williams says:

M4 ugly club imo

Merlin Lipin says:

Joe Tadman… ALMOST Joe Trackman… Would of been dope

Aidan Call says:

do you have the m3 and m4 drivers?

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