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TaylorMade M4 Driver reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits and gives his opinion on the M4 driver model from TaylorMade and talks about how it might help your golf game or not from the tee. With new Twist Face technology, will this be the answer for longer driver and more accuracy? See what it did to Mark's with this on course and dry ball data golf club review.

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Jammin6796 says:

none of this is relevant until we see coach and rory hit it

David Wharton says:

Fair balance review, have watched another reviewer who was less sure about how they could hit the shots they wanted using twist face. Well done

Tall Paul B says:

To be honest, I think that driver could make my misses worse! My bad shot with driver is off the toe with the face "open". That driver would cause my miss to go further right…..I think.

Steve R says:

Kissed and made up? A bit?

SchoolhouseTechno says:

It's all a TM conspiracy to get more eyes on this video isn't it? The truth is out there.

PeteC says:

The revolution has begun! – Korg

Rob Jelley says:

Cracking review and good to see honest feedback based on facts without bending to the corporates. Let the tour pros do the bias promo and keep up the honest reviews

John Twemlow says:

In my opinion that was a very fair review. Why did you say, "In my opinion"?

Grape Slushies says:

Sold.. buying TM.

titleist fann says:

Marketing schmarketing taylormade!

Ben Foust says:

I believe Cobra and Mizuno have had this technology for some time.

The Night 123 says:

I hit 13/14 fairways (not including par 3s) with the M4

The Night 123 says:

I have an M4 and its amazing

Zack Larson says:

Custom Shop, bruh

ndubbs21 w says:

Do they offer it with a Bubble Shaft? Last Taylor Made club I actually liked had one.

73henny says:

At 7:20 with an out to in path and a open club face it produced a draw spin rather than a fade. Do you think the twist helped the roll and bulge at all. Perhaps there'd have been less draw?, and it made the miss worse?!

Anthony Todd says:

I see why they HATE ME! Open honest review, letting the numbers and game ability speak for itself; even a complimentary. Awesome VLOG!

Christopher says:

They made the hulk look silly?

adski01 says:

How did you get your hands on that? All is forgiven?

Dave Allen says:

Great review bruh! I do hope if TM watch it they will be suitably embarrassed about their behaviour. As you say, they make good drivers, so what were they really scared of. Your professionalism dictated that your review of the club was always going to be a balanced opinion. Keep up the great work.

Barry smith says:

Another good video you are driving well ?⛳️

Oogzie says:

TM do make good clubs shocker!!!Only trouble is that if you buy their brand new "game changing, longer & straighter" club this year, it will be old hat in six months because TM will have brought out an "even more game changing, with longerer and straighterer" technology!!! And that is the only thing I have against them… I rest my case your honour…er

Scott Gibbs says:

Good review. As a taylormade "fan boy" the only time you frustrate me is when you barbs get in the way of the meat and potatoes of your usual insightful reviews(this is rare). Taylormade is acting like a butthurt teenager. Of course some of their marketing looks like it was done by a teenager so maybe there is something there??

I've enjoyed how you have addressed the loft issues with the game improvement irons like on the m4 irons review….anyway could you do an Apple's to Apple's on course head to head review where you put the low loft knuckleball irons in situations where they will struggle? Perhaps m4 irons vs an older more mildly lofted game improvement iron(SLDR?) I'd love to see the differences

Joe Doaks says:

Awful lot of TaylorMade bashing in the comments. That's unfortunate in my opinion. Mark, you, obviously, have a right to sign with and accept compensation from Titleist, and TaylorMade have a right not to furnish product for review. Whatever acrimony that exists between you and TaylorMade, I wish you would keep out of your videos. You made a decision regarding compensation and they made a decision regarding product, now get on with it.

DeusDivinE says:

Why, after seeing this, do I get a strong urge to go and buy a Titleist driver. Is there a hidden agenda in here?

SuperDvdm says:

How reliable are the pga tour numbers when a tour pro manages a smash factor of 1.73? TW 3wood carry 284, ball speed 164mph…

J M says:

Mark, I changed my Callaway Epic for the M4 driver,
It has help me find more fairways and I'm hitting longer, tho that may be to the warmer weather tho.

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