Taylormade M4 Driver Review

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The Taylormade M4 Driver Review by Alex Etches | GolfBox Reviews

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The Taylormade M4 Driver from Taylormade Golf offers golfers a more forgiving option within the 2018 M-Series Family.

Reviewing by GolfBox Professional, Alex Etches, the M4 Driver holds the New 2018 TwistFace Technology that helps prevent the damaging effects of the common high toe, or low feel shots.

Also, the addition of the Hammerhead allows for more ball speeds to be produced due to an improved COR from all strikes points on the Driver.

Geocoustic technology, positioned behind the face of the driver, helps provide a softer feel and improved sound.

As used by Dustin Johnson to win the Sentrrt Tournament at a total of 433 Yards – to nearly hole out on a Par 4!

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for the love of tech too says:

Ive been really ill of late so got depressed but this cheered me up M4 if only i could afford one ???twisted face ive had one of them for years now……its called the WIFE!! ?

Mark Blair says:

I’m waiting six months for the new M5 with the revolutionary straight face technology and clubhead forged from weapons grade plutonium with liquid uranium plasmaflex shaft . Or I might just buy a massively discounted M2.

Reginald Ridley says:


Victor says:

Fantastic review, guy is hilarious.. Makes it worth watching.. I'll be subscribing now and Pre Ordering.. tyvm

Slice Calderon!

Arvind Das says:

U really test these clubs the m1 2016 u carried 360 and m4 2018 its 330 . Its the same person same swing ! So whats changed! Just marketing and prices !

gary smith6 says:

Twistface…Twistinmymelonman!!! you need to do the Rogue vs M3/4 now big fella and lets see who knocks it the furtherest!!! hehehe

Mark Blair says:

Can’t wait for the amazing TaylorMade M5 driver featuring revolutionary straight face technology. In all good golf shops May 2018.

Rob C says:

Alex great meeting you today (Thursday) in the TMAG Booth at the PGA Show. Thanks for being so generous with your time,and so genuine. Thoroughly enjoy your work and look forward to seeing you content form the show.!

Keith D says:

All my misses with driver are off the lower heel, what drivers do you suggest I try? Thanks

Chris Preston says:

Alex, just discovered your channel. Really enjoy your approach on reviews. Top man, keep em coming ??

Don Weaver says:

Sounds like a R&A with their bud USGA will be back on the ban wagon.

YourGirlfriend'sBoyfriend says:

So ugly, smh.

Robert Tudor says:

You reviews are great, 290 meters carry … you should enter long drive comps …. are you sure you dont have ADHD ???? Every time i watch one of your reviews i fell feel like a parent " SIT STILL !!!" … but dont change so enjoyable to watch …..

Erik Sanchez says:

YES! On course reviews!!

Clinton van Zyl says:

There’s got to be something to the technology cos I know I’ve never seen you hit that many drives that straight before.

nong mar says:

Will be continuing to watch and wait for your next effort(s)

Fore to Four Golf says:

If you want someone to test the heel and toe strikes…I’m your man!

Keep It In The Fairway says:

Subbed because of your swing. those massive drives… Damn anyway hate the sound of M4. way too loud for me. sorry Taylormade.

Erich Fouke says:

Every video is about Twist Face.  Whats up with the Hammerhead Tech?  Hear it like Callaway's Jailbreak.

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