1. Funny, a friend had a fitting with the M4 at Dainton Park (not more than about 5 miles from Dan's Torquay club). Friend said he was able to try all the clubs, not just the 7 iron. Perhaps Dan has been tainted in TM's eyes by association with Mark 🙂

    (Was going to make a comment about the reason being that Dainton is a better club, but thought that was a bit below the belt)

    The friend is a senior and fairly short. His swing speed is probably 70-75 mph with the 7 iron length and he was getting an extra 10 yds (trackman) out of the 7 iron (compared with Ping G irons). I know this is to be expected from the loft, but I would be amazed if he got a similar distance out of a bladed 8 iron.

    BTW, Mark – don't think this video will make you any friends at TM!

  2. I never knew strong lofted clubs really only work well if the speed is up.
    Its kinda misleading to the consumer. The average golfer buy these clubs thinking they'll gain everything out of the club but what they aren't told is that if you swing faster it'll help more. .
    Thanks Mark

  3. Titleist are confident enough in their products to release clubs every two years, why can't more companies be the same? (not slagging off only TM – I use TM irons and fairway woods, albeit old ones!)

  4. i agree with TM irons – i couldn't really name a set thats well known – i think TM have put their money into drivers and fairway woods, which is fine, i have had TM drivers in past and they're brilliant and currently have m2 2016 3 wood and love it and dont think ill be replacing it tbh but their irons aren't that memorable

    i have never understood stronger loft – about 5 years ago i bought callaway x hot pro irons which were 2* strong i think, which didn't know about when i bought them (3-pw) and started to wonder why i was flying the green all the time – but meant my 3 irons was like 19* and meant that i had to buy an extra wedge cause had massive gap between pw and 56* sw

    ultimately changing the number on the bottom of the club does make you hit it further

  5. Just trade out the Hot Metals for the MCGB’s. You called it my 7 plays like my old 6. I don’t get the spin of the HM’s but the TM has a higher apex and steeper decent. I’ve had no problem staying on the green but the roll out is usually noticeably longer from the ball mark I’m used to.

  6. If you doing the slow swing 120yd 7 iron then you also need to used the distance ball, extra low spin. Now try stopping that on the green. How else do we get it to 150yds ?

  7. Got a friend who had the M2s and the face slots deteriorated and came out which made the faces distort very shoddy build quality!! I use the speed blades and love them, I just think the face slots don’t work and are an unnecessary gimmick! IMHO of course! ??

  8. MyGolfSpy's article on the rise and fall of TaylorMade speaks zero of their irons, they were always a metal-wood company and nothing more apparently. If the question was "can you think of a memorable TM metal wood?" then you'd get far more responses. Killed themselves with their own marketing strategy, pretty interesting read if you've got five minutes

  9. Never used TM irons, just don't like them , they put a few slots in here & there & tell us all the BS about technology & how the ball goes further etc, but all they do is take a 6 iron & put the # 7 on the sole, there finish is crap as well, irons look old after a few rounds & the paint jobs on the putters is a joke.
    M 4 driver looks OK though. Nothing beats grain flow forged Mizuno irons.

  10. Is like to see the RandA and USPGA bring in a fixed loft for irons. Otherwise we'll start to need 10, 11, 12 irons to bridge the gap with wedges.

  11. I think the "P" series irons are some of the only irons that i really like from taylormade, for a long time. I had the rsi tp's but i think that's when they started to push the whole tech idea

  12. I dont care what Mark says I am not going to buy a set of Taylormade irons. Most players of my handicap should stay with Cobra. Yes I am sponsored by Cobra but I am not biased. I am fully aware others on Mark's channel wont believe me however Cobra does make the best clubs for anyone who wears shorts on a public golf course. Please give me a thumb's up for being completely honest and totally right.

  13. Seems like good iron fittings are few and far between. I think if you are paying for fitting and iron sets it should be an experience. A lot of money involved. Honestly if I went for a full fitting and was offered a 7 iron only, I’m gone. Disappointing to hear.

  14. Mark i have a question for you…..i am 53 about an 15-20 handicap…..am trying to decide between wilson staff D200 or D300 irons…….am i gonna notice any real diffrence to make it worth the price ???? price of the D200 are 499 the D300 are 999…..thx love your videos

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