TaylorMade M6 irons tested by The Average Golfer

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timothy carlson says:

If you post a video u should check the comments and answer our questions.. too many ppl do this and it’s annoying AF

Frog Ina Cup says:

How many clubs come in the combo

Matt H says:

How would you rate these against the Wilson D7 irons?

Joshua Lombardi says:

Could you do a comparison between the TaylorMade M6 and Callaway Big Bertha Irons?

david Cockcroft says:

What's your handicap?

Ccass says:

I don’t wanna be mean but ur greens are my faraway

Barry smith says:

Another great video Andy keep them coming….?


you seem like a Mercedes driver

Paul P says:

Liked the way you went about this vid Andy, gets a little bit boring when its just dry ball data, appreciate your own view, that why I watch your vids, keep it up mate.

Jason Price says:

Even as a 20 handicap, I prefer the M5 over the M6. I prefer a more refined look.

Andrew Fallon says:

For a mid handicapper of around 10 to 15, would you recommend the P790 or these for hitability, feel, and forgiveness ?

Simon H says:

Just been re watching some of your much earlier vids and can I ask what happened to Joey the tweet?!

Frankie M says:

I'd love to see a head to head m3 v m5 comparison if you have a chance!

Phillip Rooney says:

Your swing is getting better, noticably even from last year.

Richard Croft says:

Andy, I would be interested to know when a 7 iron has it’s loft changed from say 30 to 32 deg., what does that change do to the CO gravity and bounce characteristics and how will that change affect the playing of that club.

Mark Sheehan Golf Courses says:

Galvin green apparel looking ????

Bandit Baker says:

Great Review as ever Andy, so in summary, the M6 is the Fat (10 Pinter) mate of the pretty lass M5?!

Tito G says:

Great vid. On feel how will u compare to the 919 hot metal ?

Björn Hansson says:

I suggest you change the camera angle so we can see the club/ball at impact!
Otherwise, love your videos!

Justin Stephenson says:

Interesting data. I expected the M6 to be a low spin monster, but it is not. Yes the spin rate is not great but I was expecting a rate below 5000 rpm from you so 5300 is a pleasant surprise. What would worry me is the 2 shots where spin rate was 4500 or so – obvious question is why did the spin drop off, was it you or the club. Below 5000 rpm spin and the M6 would, at least for me, be uncontrollable on firm summer greens. That was my experience when I tested the M2. Seems to me the M6 is a definite upgrade on the M2

GallowayMX984 says:

I do think they could have trimmed the top line on the M5 like the M6. The extra cut on the back of the M6 actually makes it seem smaller to me.

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