TaylorMade MB Forged Titleist MB Forged

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TaylorMade MB Forged Titleist MB Forged reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the two MB forged irons from Titleist and TaylorMade and talks about the difference in feel and looks of these two players irons. see which golf company have made the best iron for the golfer who wants control, feel and players looks.

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gswdaniel says:

There is nothing better than the Taylormades MB… It’s actually easier to
hit the ball, straight every time and it feels amazing. Nice ball flight
and same distance every time… This guys is in love with Taylormade but
can’t blame him.., I am too.. Lol

luckigolfer says:

There is no comparison for me, Titleist all the way.

Max Smith says:

I’m a 28 handicap on record but I play to a 12 would you suggest either of
these for me? X

Brendank987 says:

I would choose the TMs, I like the chrome.

uptopar84 says:

I love my 712 MB’s!!!

MeTroBICK says:

titleist mb forged

Thomas Percy says:

Hey Mark, I am looking at getting some new irons. I am a 9 hc with good
ballstriking and a high ball flight what would you recommend?

sncgolf03 says:

These are the musclebacks…

itubeutude says:

what does MB mean and why do both use it?

ElemintIsAtWork says:

can you do a video on steel vs. graphite shafts for irons? I see that you
use graphite for your irons.

William McNamara says:

Mark, could you please make a video of “What’s in my golf bag”? 🙂

TheKBuilt says:

Can you compare Mizuno MP59’s vs Adams CMB?

Esoxfan says:

Muscle back


I agree that they are almost the same club To me the Titlesit felt a little
bit softer, but performance wise very similar. Both not as hard to hit well
as I expected, but on the course I definitely need some more help I like
the Titleist look much better

Ross Finlay says:

mark, quick question regarding wedges, im looking to add two new wedges to
my bag and was wondering what lofts i should get? my pitching wedge is 46
degrees, some advice would be a massive help, thaks

Golf Freak 91 says:

are either of these clubs forgiving?

Benjamin Deverman says:

Since you have a picture of Phil Mickelson in the background, can you
please do a review on Callaway irons? I would appreciate it if they were
the Razr X forged irons. Thank you and keep up the great work Mark!

invictablue1 says:

Taylormade mb forged. Best clubs on the market

Andrew Sundberg says:

i know your last video said to not read into workability as much because
the clubs were performing similar, but for me personally i switched from
mizuno mx-17’s (great clubs, so many classic memories) to 588 cb’s from
cleveland, they’re my first set of forged clubs and i notcie night and day
with workability, my control has risen significantly and i will never buy a
set of non forged clubs again.

tom walkear says:

How about reviewing the Cleveland 588 blades

Travis Miller says:

Ive owned both and heres a quick overview TM mb is heck of a lot lighter
and launches the ball a LOT HIGHER Titleist is a very heavy club(even for
my liking) and does not want to get in the air at all TM has a very soft
face while the titleist has a very hard face Taylormade also feels a
fraction more forgiving over any mb avaliable Over all though, I would say
its a tie… get out and hit em and see what you think.

SpartanCL1989 says:

Awesome video as always Mark. Look forward to every video!


i have the TM MB Irons and i love them. the 4 Iron is a bit harder to hit
but overall wonderful clubs

Chad Del Rio says:

Im stuck between Taylormade mb and Titleist a p712. please do a comparison

superscootkid says:

titleist for me

IamHof says:

I think he has done both of those if you are interested. Check his previous

Paul Joyce says:

Do the weights work in the Taylormade irons?

frankiegong13 says:

Titleist all the way

Michael Sutton II says:

i recently found the best iron i’ve ever hit . nooo, not a nike, but a
bridgestone j40 ! …the best iron i’ve ever touched . Now when i hit my
titleist 690 , i’m dissatisfiied. I feel like i’ve cheated on my irons .

Tom Castle says:

is this the first review , that you have favoured taylormade?

GolfingLorens says:

Can you compare the Taylormade MC’s to the Titleist CB’s in a video?

David W says:

Taylor Made just makes awful looking clubs. That one would be excellent
looking if it didn’t have that awful looking button in the middle of the

blink82 says:

Mark, you’ve got a hamster sticking out of yr polo…

Mike Lacquette says:

you never hit a solid one..

fdiab98 says:

Hey mark I really love your videos they have helped me soooo much with my
golf game and I was just wondering if you could check out my channel and
watch newest swing video and tell me if it looks steady to you. Thanks a
lot and keep the videos coming!!

Rielly Fitch says:

Maybe the Callaway Muscleback Irons?

derenton89 says:

great vidoes mark, but you gotta work on your fitness. your always
breathing so hard after 2-3 strikes, im worried about you 😉

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