TaylorMade Mini Driver SLDR

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TaylorMade Mini Driver SLDR
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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre tests the new TaylorMade SLDR Mini Driver on GC2 with real golf balls and revealing all the data to help you decide if this is the golf club for you. This driver can improve your golf game if you struggle with the driver!

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dairniel says:

“It’s like a big headed 3 wood”
So basically it’s like how drivers were about 15 years ago?
Nowt wrong with that; I still use a Big Bertha Warbird. 

Lee (formerly Cahnt) says:

Impressive stuff. When are you reviewing the Ping Rapture 3W, Rick? It’s
been on the Ping website for ages but there’s hardly any videos of it.

Andy Yeomans says:

About time for a shoot out between this and the Ping Rapture 13 deg 3 wood

N LS says:

We had these in work (Direct Golf). Sold like hot cakes. The feedback was
very favourable. 

blazingdan says:

I noticed that I hit my 15* i25 further and just as straight as the 14*
mini. Not sure why…just one of those things for me. That said, for me at
least, the 13* Ping Rapture, in addition to being crazy expensive, is also
crazy long and quite accurate. I much prefer the Rapture to the mini as
both a driver replacement and a solid strong 3-wood. I have no problem
hitting it off the fairway and good rough lies, and it is long and straight
off the tee–noticeably longer than my i25 15*, which it should be.
Anyways, keep up the great videos!

The99Johny says:

is easier hit this mini driver than hit the 3 wood?

JAG sixtyfive says:

It will be interesting to see how this stacks up against the SLDR S Driver.
So when you get the SLDR S in stock to review…..

Phil Jones says:

Why do these guys insist on testing a Mini Driver off the deck? Doesn’t
it’s name suggest it is intended to be used as a driver for the great
majority of weekend golfers who struggle with the driver off the tee?


What are you doing when you set up your grip? I keep noticing you do
something with your right hand to set up your left.

Do you have a grip video by any chance? 

Stephen Jordan says:

The carry was shorter than the 3 woods you tested. 

99johnmatrix says:

How much did you get paid for this rick

David Tigue says:

off the deck you have the toe up.. That’s you for sure… You let the club
sit different.

愛知県 ゴルフ 【 庶民派サラリーマン 】 says:

SLDR S Mini Driver なるものがあるんですね?




Ronnie McCurry says:

All talk and not action

Rick Shiels PGA says:

TaylorMade Mini Driver SLDR review on GC2 @TaylorMadeTour @ForesightEurope

Scorpic13 says:

Hi +RickShielsPGAGolf. Is this SLDR Mini Driver made out of steel or
titanium? I have tried to find info about that but I have missed out every
time :-/

Sgt Pepper says:

Don’t know what happened 2 your 3 wood testing but this would of been
knocked out in the 1st round,in your test u hit the x2 hot 3deep over 250
yards twice & averaged 243 yards so why not put this in the bag?

MIGEL- NOREEN Valadez says:

Rick, I have hit a Tour-Made J-Max Bazooka, 15 degree for years and found
it so much easier to hit than less lofted clubs. But why? I can also draw
it much better. Any comments. Having said that since watching your video on
the xHot Callaway, I have that in the bag as well. xHot is so light, and
colossal, effortless distance. Thanks! 

Lloyd D says:

Great little club but it be alot better with a good shaft in it. You gain
alot more distance. I changed the standard shaft in my SLDR 3 wood to a
rombax i gained around 24 yards further. The standard shafts in the SLDR
range are ok but theres better 

geoff Henderson says:

Gotta say i found the face a bit dead no longer than my Mizuno EZ 3 wood
and the Mizuno is easy off the deck and tee

GENO Dboy says:

an you do this vs callaway deep model 

mike hunt says:

Only taylor made would make a club like this

Joe Chen says:

Nice video Rick. I have tried this club, to me it is in between driver and
3 wood, especially off ground. It could be the new trend, and woudl be
interesting to see how other companies respond to this ‘new’ club

mark dangerfield says:

Great video rick, wish i could hit my shots “a bit left” from the floor . 

SatsumaBomb says:

At first I wasn’t entirely sure about this club, I had a go the other day
and I must say it’s tempting – just the price tag that’s off putting.

JAG sixtyfive says:

Nice vid Rick! Do you think that you might have been even better with the
TP version with the slightly heavier Fuji 7.3ts shaft, that may get that
spin rate down a touch, and in theory cut down on that right to left shot
off the deck a little. It’d really dial it in. It sounds really great off
the clubface though.

Ronnie McCurry says:

What loft??

emac417 says:

have you hit the 12* model? any difference in distance? what about the 16*
model have you hit it?

James Whelan says:

Why not just put a 3 wood shaft in a driver head ?

John White says:

I guess you’ll test the new Taylormade SLDR irons next?

James Gooding says:

Have you been sponsored by Taylormade now?

Guillaume Charpentier says:

Didn’t carry more distance with the Xhot 2 deep face 3 wood

giovanicanzona says:

how long is the shaft bro?

GENO Dboy says:

it seams you hit every other 3 wood longer than 230 yards why buy this 

tigerbalm says:

so this is the new Titleist 975J?

51Dss says:

In the days of persimmon head woods I owned a set of McGregor Tourneys 1 ,2
3, 4 woods. Found I could not hit the 1 wood consistently; put it away and
used the 2 wood for my driving hole T shots. The interesting thing was that
using the 2 wood off the T I consistently hit more fairways and hit it
further than almost everyone I knew who was using a true Driver (1wood). I
grew very fond of my 2 wood and I was probably the last guy in my town to
transition to metal woods. Now it looks as though Taylor Made has come up
with a late technology configuration that will do for me what my old
Persimmon 2 wood did 35 years ago. I’ll be buying one of those mini drivers
soon…thinking I’ll likely go with the 14 deg…

sasquatchtour says:

The mini driver is an easy 3 wood but I couldn’t get anymore ballspeed or
distance than the SLDR fairway and the mini driver had higher spin. I love
the concept because I play a lot of short very tight driving course on an
am tour but I have found the Tour Edge Exotics, Xhot 3deep, and Ping
Rapture to be longer and more versatile and just as easy to hit off the
tee. Can’t wait to see how taylormade refines the mini driver. 

Dave062YT says:

I thought Mini Driver was an actress.

TheFester999 says:

What do you carry in your wood/hybrids in your bag?? In your nike covert
vrs 2.0 hybrid review, you were hitting it almost as far as this,
therefore, I don’t see why you would need it, and if so, would you still
carry a 3 wood?

Killacamfoo O.G. says:

I had the same issue off the deck. Not as consistent as my current 3 wood.
Don’t see the point of this club unless you really fear your driver.

scotty195823 says:

The 12 degree makes sense as a viable driver replacement, especially with
the 43.5 inch shaft. Personally as a 13 handicapper I would find the
shallower face of a traditional 3 wood better off the fairway.

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