TaylorMade Mini Driver Vs Callaway X2 Hot Deep

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TaylorMade Mini Driver Vs Callaway X2 Hot Deep
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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre tests the latest TaylorMade Mini Driver against the Callaway X2 Hot Deep in a head to head to see which is the longest on the tee and off the floor using GC2.

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Lee (formerly Cahnt) says:

Good test. The thing is, the TM didn’t even seem more accurate here.
Guess it’s a mental thing – the bigger head makes you think, despite
today’s data, that it’s going to be the most accurate off the tee.
Next up – Ping Rapture! What’s taking so long with this thing lol?

tomkrigby says:

I agree with Rick. I watched this out of curiosity as I have both the TM
mini driver (14 degree, stiff, standard (not TP) shaft) and last years
Callaway X hot 3deep (14.5 degree, stiff).
I’m a member at a shortish course and was missing a lot of fairways and
getting into trouble with my driver. I bought the Callaway last year after
Mickelson’s success in the open, and though I found it to be nearly as long
as my driver, I struggled to consistently hit it out of the middle due
to its smaller head and heavier swingweight. I recently therefore bought an
ex-display TM mini driver and I’ve found this much easier to control off
the tee. I’m only losing a few yards compared to a driver but it much more
accurate and is saving me shots. I would say to all mid handicap club
golfers to give it a go, especially now we’re playing off winter tees, with
no roll and cold golf balls which are harder to compress… you will save
shots! Leave the big dog in the garage for the winter! ps… I don’t work
for Taylormade and the other 13 clubs in my bag are Callaway.

Demietrius Green says:

Maybe Im the only golfer here. Great review. Interesting outcome BUT IT
PROVED WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU AND YOUR SWING! If you use someone’s review to
choose your club your probably not going to be that good. I hit the tm mini
fell in love and works perfect for me. Find what’s perfect for you. No one
swings the same. Btw 12* and I Smash it from the deck

JAG sixtyfive says:

I still think that the numbers and results would be improved with the TM
Mini, if you would have the Mini TP version in your bag Rick. That stock
shaft in the Mini is trash, and spin rates are 400 rpm more, and ball speed
are 2mph less than the Cally, which has the Aldila Tour Green in it. The
Mini TP shaft is the Fuji 7.3 TS which I feel would suit you better and
should even those results up. It would be really interesting to see you hit
the TP version of the Mini up against the standard version though. Just

Michael Dickinson says:

I find it interesting the Callaway hit further was more accurate but you
still where pushing the TaylorMade at the end of the Video. It kind of lets
you know where the sponsorship money is coming from?? I like your videos
but you are clearly biased.

L Hilldo says:

Cheers for the head-to-head mate. I’ll still be gaming the mini driver over
the 3deep even though it doesn’t seem as long. It’s off the tee i’m getting
it for, and the bigger head and looks does it for me.

This will shutup all those little bitches that said you took ££ off TM for
the mini driver review. So many TaylorMade haters lol.

David Miller says:

Great video I was wondering if you could do a jetspeed 3wd vs the x2 hot
3deep 3wd

Jarrod Gilmer says:

So ihave a xhot 14.5 deep that I carry 280 and if i nut up 300. I cant hit
a driver for shit.(military golf) but nut the 3 wood every time. Any ideas
what yardage i might pick up if i replaced the driver with 12 deg?

Rowan Foxley says:

I noticed that his shot dispersion was much tighter with the x hot 3 deep
than with the mini driver. His biggest miss was only 20 yards vs 50 yards
with mini driver. 

stuart sandiford says:

Don’t get it, you hit the X2 further than the sldr mini and the dispersion
rate was only 4.8 yards average the sldr mini was 10.5 yards average. so
the x2 is longer and more accurate.

Lachie Murchie says:

whats the point in smashing 3 wood off the tee when your hitting 20 yard
hooks or 20 yard blocks? stupid test in my opinion, you should be using
balls that are actually going to hit target 

Ben Anderson says:

Can you do the X2 vs the Titleist 913 f D

metamurph says:

Other question is do you end up with two 3 woods because the SLDR Mini
won’t work out of the rough? Or go even more lofted say 5w or 2H – ie
driver replace great but how does it change my set makeup?

David Forde says:

Tried the SLDR MINI which was accurate but shorter than my Calloway Razar
Hawk . Since I need a lower trajectory as I play on an often windy links
course it was NO contest!

Andrew Schultz says:

Please finish the 3 wood video comparisons.

prosnazzy says:

I’ve still got the original X3 Hot 3 wood in my bag from years ago! That
stays when my driver gets left at home! Monstrously long club and the sound
is awesome! Its knocked many a ball past well struck drivers!
May be tempted to update tho…….

Mark C says:

Hi Rick. I watch your videos every month and every video. Keep up the good

Ste Smith says:

Great review rick still thinking mini driver as you say I just like the
look of it can you do a review between the sldr mini driver and sldr 3 wood
keep the videos coming great work cheers ste

Kenneth Lee says:

Rick – this is an excellent video! I’m a TM fan too and a bit biased but
the stats for the Callaway clearly show that Callaway is a better club.

Rick Shiels PGA says:

TaylorMade Mini Vs Callaway Deep! 

Clay Fleming says:

For those saying the TP version of the TM would even things out, maybe so.
But here in the states the TP is $379 and the 3 Deep is $179. If I were
going to purchase one I could not justify the additional cost for equal
performance. That said I prefer the size of the Callaway and if price and
performance were equal would still choose it.

Jeremy Yoder says:

Nice review Rick. I’m hoping a review of the 14° TP model is coming soon. 

9MattDuchene says:

Why isn’t the callaway in your bag it’s further and more accurate

George Jupin says:

Alpha vs sldr and sldr 430 anytime soon?

Ron Geronimo says:

Nice review rick. You just saved me $300

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