Taylormade P-790 Black First Look – Limited Edition (THE BEST LOOKING IRONS EVER?)

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Golf Buddy says:

I want these irons so baddddd ?

Gary 88 says:

Reminds me of when the black Nokia n95 came out!

μ•ˆμ§€ν™˜ says:

what a sexy beast !!!

Tom Evans says:

More fantastic content James πŸ™‚

Thomas Kuhn says:

Can't figure out which looks more cheesy, this or the Apex CF16 in black. A sure sign that a golf company has nothing new to offer.

Tommie Thatcher says:

Awesome vlog again and looking forward to seeing you test these gorgeous looking clubs
Is there any chance you could do a video please on playing out of green side bunkers that only have a thin layer of top sand and a rock hard base
Many thanks Tommie

nuko800 says:

Alumite fades quickly

for the love of tech too says:

Welcome to the dark side my young Jedi lol ?

Steve Harris says:

TaylorMade P790 with Mizuno mp18 MMC colouring without the strong lofts are the irons for me.do it for me TaylorMade please.

paul cromie says:

Amazing looking club

cdh79 says:

great video! as always… keep it up and you should be up to 100k subs soon! πŸ™‚

Graham Arnott says:

Hmmm… two things: (a) Β£300 more!?! and (b) I like the black heads but not so keen on the black shafts in irons.

Andrew Linch says:

All I could think was beautiful looking club then 10 seconds later , that will look really bad after a month of bag clatter, then you said the same thing LOL, I am waiting for a a club manufacturer to say one year . Sorry we have got nothing new technology wise and we have run out of Bullshit PR talk. Me thinks I will be waiting a while LOL.

danthemanwhocancan says:

Very nice! I would like to eat strawberries and cream with them

Rob Randall says:

I hope the Black edition is more traditionally lofted. Other reviews put me off purchasing these as potential gapping issues in the short end of the bag.

Nic Ted says:

Great looking golf clubs, I don't think you would much change out of a grand and well over that for the black finish. Still lot cheaper than PXG

Paul Bown says:

Good looking but not the best
Can’t beat a set of blades ?

Pixelshot says:

To many more subscribers James !

Leighton Williams says:

I would Deffo game them beasts ? great vid

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