Taylormade P-790 vs Titleist 718 T-MB – Battle of the POWER IRONS (Launch Monitor on course test)

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Taylormade P790 irons are some of the longest hitting and most forgiving irons of 2018. When tested and fitting alike they are outperforming the majority of other clubs for most golfers.

The Titleist 718 T-MB irons could well be the closest competition to the P-790… theres only one way to find out.

In this comparison I take both clubs out onto the golf course along with the flightscope launch monitor and test the distances, dispersion and forgiveness of the clubs.



Heckler Koch says:

I would compare clubs differently and ignore distances other than one is slightly stronger lofted and could yield longer distance but trajectory is important in that analysis. You need to hit 2 similar irons and judge them on distance variability and spread variability – essentially consistency. 20 shots each, remove none of the shots and show your dots in a circle around the average length distance and average spray from center line. Bad swings happen and need to be counted. We all know blades are very inconsistent in the hands of mid to high handicappers so are most clubs not hit perfectly well so at least a misinterpretation will be closer to the green.

Larry Jones says:

I will take the Taylormades any day over titleist. Titleist has never impressed me at all with its quality of workmanship

Joe King says:

they're both beautiful.

Michael Nowak says:

TMB is winning because you must be able to depend on where the ball will land and stop vs crazy distance that you cant count on

Matt Aamold says:

That's what I've heard about the P790 irons, for the most part they are great 160 yard 7i's, but every once and awhile they hit a monster shot that comes off with no spin – Hello 200 yard 7i .

Luke Bozarth says:

As someone who has played p790s for about a year I find your review very similar to the frustrations I have had the clubs. When I hit them right, I love them. Best feeling iron I’ve ever hit. BUT, when I miss long I miss LONG. 790s feel wonderful on correct shots but are too inconsistent for me to continue using. Got ap2s on the way ??

Gary Smith says:

Love the music

Hellcat Dreamer says:

P790’s all day !!!

Phillip Maddison says:

Good review ??

Alex Yip says:

Great review but I have the p790s and love them. I just accept that on a solid strike it goes 10yards farther than my old irons and obviously bad hits wind up shorter.

Neil Brannigan says:

James I've done club fitting
Grabbed off the shelf you name it I've tried it

Can you do a GC Quad on the tee box

Then compare to laser top of the range range finder to prove that GC Quad or what ever else out there is saying scope is actually correct …..

That they are telling the truth
Because I take the bought driver or iron away …then use on the course and get Very different results …?

Julius Trexler says:

If you worried about hitting over drop down a club lol

Thomas Blomley says:

Another awesome video, was looking at both of these clubs.

DB George says:

I know I'm a couple months behind here however I'm in the market for some irons now so watching all your reviews and really enjoying them. I need the distance but think you make a great point here on the inconsistent distances of the TM. I'm now leaning away from the distances irons and may go more like the i210 with power lofts….. so many good options out there. Great review!

VOLS34 says:

So hit an 8 iron with the 790 and a 6/7 iron with the TMB.

Greg Grice says:

Funny I just moved from RSI 1 to P770 Irons 30* 7 iron to 33* 7 iron everyone I know said I would not hit them well ( smaller and forged ). I hit them club for club the same distance, and bonus is the P770 have way more spin IE 8 iron I carry 150 and it stops in less than 2 feet. My 7 is my 160 carry iron. Oh I am 63 and 5'11 145 LBS now if I could just make those darn putts.

Sascha Schmidt says:

Great & useful review!

Roderik Berendes says:

Which one of these two irons do you think is easier to hit James?

Waqar Ghulam says:

I think you should use exactly the same shaft

Colin Meggison says:

T-MB is the superior club

Pixelshot says:

James this might sound weird but any chance of a video breakdown on your swing?

Jeffrey Harned says:

why are you not comparing similiar lofts, ignoring the number on the club? frustrating.

Paul Day says:

Thanks for the review James. I have a set of 712 AP1s. I was thinking about getting a new set of Irons and I looked at the TMBs. What surprised me is that the lofts all the way down the set it exactly the same as the clubs I already have. I'd be really interested to see you test the TMBs against some 7 year old AP1s – I wonder if they would come out virtually the same.

Roderik Berendes says:

Good review James. To be honest I have a mixed bag of these two irons (4-6 T-MB, 7-PW P790). I think the P790 plays a bit softer, but fully agree with you that the TMB are more consistent. In terms of forgiveness, no differences at all! In the end, love them both as my HCP already dropped from 18 to 15 now. Thanks and keep up to good work ??

James Marshall says:

Great review! I like how you do the review out on the course, since thats where golf is actually played, instead of a studio.

Anthony Hegg says:

Would you mind reviewing the Srixon Z565 irons? I'm trying to decide on those and the Ping i200 irons. Great video. I'm a new subscriber to your channel and love the content. Keep up the great work.

Rhys Owen says:

Loving the content! Can I request a reduction in hand gestures? It's a little off-putting haha

Shane Ducholke says:

Great video, but there is no way you can judge consistency when your only hitting 2 or 3 balls. For consistency, you should hit 10 balls and take out the best and worst shots. You also cant judge based on hitting it long as you will learn your yardages if they are longer than normal. Consistency is key, but a couple shots is way too small of a sample size.

Paul Bown says:

Another awesome video and exactly what you want from an iron consistency

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