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BTatHome says:

Would love a combo set, with one of the other P series irons (P790 perhaps with a slight bend here and there)

David Villicana says:

With all these manufacturers releasing blades….feels like blades are making a comeback.

Todd Wilson says:

So gorgeous, yet not even close unfortunately. Maybe the 790 after my F6's wear out… great review Ali!

David Ciccoritti says:

Sorry but I'm nowhere near as good as you and I went from G30's to 716MB's this year and I can tell you that I never EVER lost more than 15 yards on a mishit. There is no doubt in my mind that if you put a set of modern blades in your bag up to at least 5 iron, that your swing mechanic would tighten up and your scores could slightly improve. Blades have a way of ensuring you stay focused and don't float away during a round of golf. Just my opinion of course. Your 7 iron numbers looked fantastic ?

Scott Warner says:

Hi Ali, any ball hit as poorly as the last shot in your test is nearly an airy, it was so far out of the toe you nearly missed it. I really don't see you doing that very off, go on Ali, be a devil put them in your bag!!!!

I have played blades all my golfing life, they really aren't that intimidating. The long irons as with any blade will require practice, go on Ali, put them in your bag, you know you want to.

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