TaylorMade P730 Irons tested – Average Golfer

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J. 4NASH says:

if taylormade never did sign Rory, these clubs would of never been in production. rory didn’t like the 750 blades. to straight edges and lil thicker topline and longer blade length then what he was playing

J. 4NASH says:

cut out groove is for them to move the cg. believe they took what they cut out and added it near the bottom. i played MB for few years and went with a players club this year. hate it so much, will be going back to MB very soon

gary smith6 says:

That's the straightest you've hit in all your reviews…get a graphite shaft in them for the extra yardage and boom new gamer's

François Desmoulins-Lebeault says:

I'd most definitely try them if they ever come my way. But I don't know that I would play them. They're quite expensive (well, most OEM clubs are nowadays) and might punish me when I'm not on a good ball striking day. Might being the operative word, here. The main thing is the social stigma you get for playing blades if you're not lower than 3 / 4 hcp. I've seen people getting flack for playing things like that even if it doesn't make that much of a difference, really… I tried a few month back alternating between holes for a total of 9 holes with my cavity back set (granted, small head, very little offset, traditional lofts, thinnish topline) and 9 holes with an friend's old set of blades from the 80's, real butter knife style… and exactly 1 club difference in shaft length and loft (so that was an easy transition, play 6 if you normally played 7, and so on). I scored slightly better on the holes with the blades… That might be sheer random fluctuations, but what that clearly told me is that once you take the difference in lofts out of the equation, there's not the massive difference that marketing has lead us to think there is between cavity back and blades.

sjgraci says:

From what I've seen, you are more than capable of gaming blade or cavity back mid and short irons. From your dispersion patterns, I don't know why you wouldn't. You can always get the lofts of custom forged blades a degree or two stronger to get closer to the gaps of longer "game improvement" irons. Curious what ball you are using with those low spin numbers? Maybe a "tour" ball with "tour" irons would change things?

Mark Sheehan says:

Beautiful looking club!

edwin lambley says:

Bang on with the comment regarding who they are built around, Taylormade were top of the tree regarding pro-mo but this time they have got it way wrong. Reminds me of decades ago a chocolate manufacture brought out a product saying "For that special occasion" well it didn't sell in numbers and was withdrawn. It is nice to see Major club produces bringing out new Traditional style blades (Yes Mizuno alw ays have) Mizuno MP 18, Callaway Apex MB 18 irons & now Taylormade APEX MB 18 IRONS. Would be nice if you could do a playing review with any of these new blades and give feedback comparing with your MP5's. You could always use your North West charm and see if Miura would give you a set to test LOL. Well done mate on another honest review.

cwugrad396 says:

I think you are on point that if you can hit fades and draws at will and also control trajectory with low, mid and high ball flight this is your club. It does look immaculate but I know my limits and am not good enough to put this in my bag. Excellent review

Mike Cook says:

Great review!! You still don’t look like an average golfer to me!!

Roger Savard says:

I don't know but say from 7i down you could game blades no problem, very decent spin rate ! Not for me, the i200 is the max I ( want ) can handle in the short irons.

David Swanson says:

Brilliant content, are you the first in the country to review theses irons? I currently use the TaylorMade MB (2014) irons, I can't wait to try these, they look great!! I personally don't care what companies say in their marketing, if you like what you see go try them!!

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