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Mark Crossfield PGA professional hits and tests the new TaylorMade P730 irons. This is the new bladed forged irons from TaylorMade Golf aimed at golfers with some level of ball striking and designed by and with their tour players. Play your best golf and improve your iron shots with the right equipment for your golf game.

Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here https://www.youtube.com/TheR4C2010

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Ken Phillips says:

Evening Mark!…….you may have covered it before and I've missed it, but could you explain why we have "offset!" as we seem to hear a lot about it these days!….another great informative vid!

Josh Spaulding says:

Love how Mark tries to take all of the nonsense out of buying new clubs. He just gives his honest opinion of how the clubs feel to him

n3qdz says:

Oh sorry, in the time to make this video Taylor Made discontinued this model in to a newer model. They say it's 40 straighter and 60 yards longer. It's 110% softer in off face shots. They have increased asked the MOI over 3000%. Taylor Made says its the longest straightest most forgiving blade they have made yet. Oh wait, at the time of writing this press release Taylor Made has released a brand new blade. They specs are not yet released but they say it blows away their 2 other previous models. Stayed tuned say goodbye to speed goad say hello to jizz juice, talk about hitting it long baby!!!!

philiegolf32 says:

Awesome looking clubs, if you peel away the marketing gumpf your left with a great looking and performing iron. I always like a small neat forged club it inspires confidence and the large chunkier heads look fugly and more prone for flyers out of uneven or longer grass

Brenton Ford says:

I'd enjoy seeing a video where you take a super game improved iron (Gmax/M2/XR OS/F7 OS) and a true blade (P730/Apex MB/718 MB) and compare shot shaping, and consistency to really show what advantage/disadvantages they have in 'playing golf'. Great video Mark, keep up the great work.

dimpled sphere says:

miura baby blades with aerotech 95s in x flex and boy do I hit them high. doesn't make sense to me but I love the high flight and they don't seem to balloon with any distance loss is this possible?

Richard Blayney says:

I have thought about blades for my next set even though I play off 17. But just get told I'm too high of a handicapper to have blades, should I listen to them or go and try some blades?

Mark Scott says:

Top class and informative review.

TalkyMcTalkFace says:

My wife says I can't watch this as you are irritating

Dave Reid says:

“Speed My Socks” ???

Mrbigolnuts says:

really great review, so good to see you playing with these and getting out of the studio or range….but MP-18 all day for looks!

Daniel Batten says:

I'm a 20 handicapper and I even want to hit them knowing they will punish me all day long.

paul garnham says:

I've just gone to the MP 5's and I love them. Was using Apex 16 pro before.
Those p730's do look nice.

What bag is that you are using? I just can't find a carry bag that I like

Sydols OZ says:

Get them in the bag Mark, these are 'really lovely'!

Sydols OZ says:

Has Lockey got new sticks? If so, can you do a vlog please?

David Lowry says:

I feel short changed after this review, I really wanted another couple of minutes of numbers from Robot Parfield, unless I see it spins at the number on the club how do I trust a man who always makes par !!!!! ? Great review Mark, love the P730, just switched from R7's to 710MB's, probably lost a few yards distance, but I now know what all that comments about "feel" are based on.

Kourtney Knowles says:

Also funny how you say it isn’t the club that makes you a good golfer, yet everyone commenting in this is talking about buying them because they think it’s going to make them good haha.

Kourtney Knowles says:

How does a game improvement iron give you inconsistency? If you hit them dead center every time you won’t have any variation in distance. I play wishons single lengths and they are definitely “game improvement” design and I can hit every shot I could hit with my Ben Hogan blades, arguable better than I could before and I play off a -4 handicap, granted I played a lot in college and have been a scratch golfer for 10+ years, but the off center hit forgiveness is absolutely there in the 4-7 irons with the thin variable thickness face which is an enormous improvement to off center hit performance for a traditional blade. When you get up to the irons above 40 degrees of loft, because there isn’t as much compression of the ball due to the higher loft, you don’t see as much benefit in a higher MOi or forgiving club above an 8 iron. But you absolutely see the benefit as you get lower lofts. Also a traditional blade actually had a lower center of gravity compared to typical cavity back irons, pretty simple to see, all blade irons have the majority of their weight down low, where cavity backs have the majority of weight removed from the bottom and distributed around the perimeter. So all things being equal, loft, club head speed, strike location, attack angle, etc, you would actually launch a muscle back blade higher than a cavity back. Workability I would agree is nonsense and no different from club to club.

Bob H says:

i want to replace my Nike Vapor Pro Combo irons with these!! so purrrtty!

Tim O'Hagan says:

I am really curious to hear if these have your attention… I liked your excitement, but might they get you to switch from the MP-5???

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