Taylormade P760 Iron Review – Brand New For 2019

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The Taylormade p700 range of irons has been a massive golfing success in 2017 and 2018, so what will Taylormades next offering for 2019 bring to the table? Introducing the Taylormade P760 irons, packed with speed foam in longer irons they are sure to cause a stir. They are designed to replace the P750 and P770 irons. What do they look like? how do they feel? I put the full range to the test on a launch monitor. Rory Mcilroy and Jason Day have been testing these irons already which shows that they are designed for better players (low to mid handicap golfers).

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DrM says:

Great review! Definitely going to have to add these to the list of irons to test. I liked the 750 and 770 but needed a combo set. Hopefully these are the best of both worlds.

Alan Proctor says:

Another great review James. They look o.k but are never worth that kind of money! I'll stick with my AP2 712's.

G Man says:

Another great video and review. Thanks heaps.

BTatHome says:

Didn't like them at first but they are growing on me… just need to sell some body parts to afford a set ?

Marcus johansson says:

Fugly irons… don’t like the look!

Ian Shepherd says:

my gosh low spin on the PW

Scott Hudson says:

Not the best looking and I hear they are $1300.00 for a 7 club set!!!! Yikes!

John Tinkler says:

Everyone slags off PXG as the price inflator for irons but it seems that TM bring out new irons every other week and each set has a bigger price tag. If you add on the GAPR stuff as well, the R&D budget must be similar to NASA.

Darren Cossey says:

£1300 for these is a lot of money, especially for the odd yard. Cant really understand why clubs over the last few yrs have rocketted in price. Perhaps the recession has taken its toll on profits. Perhaps they are aimed at the USA market ??
If these come out at 500 they would sell 4 times more than the price they are now. Its 10 pound shaft and grip with a head costing 170…..
Thought you were getting Ping i500

Alan Parr says:

Just found your channel and subscribed. Enjoyed your review of the TM 760’s. Not for me but I liked the way you explained and expressed your opinion. I’m a 10 hc and playing Titleist ap3’s. All Cleveland wedges. Anyway James, looking forward to your next vlog. Ty

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