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M Christopher says:

Love the look P790 Mark, I am agreed with Dan definitely muscle back with foam technology

Zack Conner Golf says:

Got this in to try at work. Great irons! No feel differences between the 8 no foam and 7 speed foam. I don't buy the speed foam thing at all but still awesome sticks!

Lone Golfer says:

The foam is a packer and shock absorber . I suppose it's like getting hit by an 1ltr plastic bottle, if the bottle is empty you'd have to swing that bottle really fast to do any real damage, fill that same bottle with water and do the same experiment and someone's spending a night in hospital with concision. In the aforementioned example the empty bottle would come off worse as the bottle has no internal support, all energy transmitted on the thin plastic would cause it to crumple, however fill the bottle with compressed gas and that same bottle can take a huge amount of force and will reflect some of the energy back as a reaction. I think there's 3 laws of thermodynamics, bloke named Newton put pen to paper a few hundred years back that explains it better than I can. No idea why they call it speed foam,the foams job it to slow the destruction of the face due to the very thin face material, the foam is a supporting structure

Ls Chavez says:

its cuz you're short bruh….

Jean Ferret says:

About £300 over priced. Hence not seeing any in the local shops or players bags…..AP2, Mizuno, Srixon….all equal and much better value.

Roy Kullick says:

The progression in this set really makes sense to me. Not a big fan of the brand, but I could probably game those

Covenant Official says:

I always hear the foam makes the hollow clunky head feel more like a forged blade..the stronger loft is the distance part

Tall Paul B says:

I personally think they're the ugliest irons out at the moment!!

Brad Heaton says:

I can't wait for Mark's review of the new #ScrewMyFace Taylormade M5/M6 drivers….

Will Held says:

Can you say slimmer i500 forged. Does look lovely. Probably in my opinion TM best go at a players iron with help.

Travis Britt says:

Mark, Can you please do a review of Swing Caddie SC200?

John Lawlor says:

Mark, aren't you worried you'll get struck by lightening while hitting the TM clubs in the review?

Jim Smith says:

Great, unbiased review as usual boys. Thank you. I have the P790's, my first TM irons, love them. They have nailed it with the P series. Hated TM irons pre this, but they are onto something here. 'Speed foam' is a ridiculous name, classic TM marketing BS to be honest, in reality it just makes the strike feel really soft which is what we all want, so no need for a stupid gimmicky name, which just has people laughing at them; take note TM Marketing department…..

Alfie Hesse says:

Haven’t you made friends with TM yet? Those bloody Germans ? lol ?

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