Taylormade P770 vs. P790 Irons

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Comparing the new P770 to the now legendary P790 iron – which player is each design best suited to? How would a combo set of both work? Answers to those questions and more in this test!

0:00 // Intro
3:53 // P790
6:31 // P770
9:43 // Results

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada



Hsiang-Fan Lee says:

why dont people test clubs with a machine swinger?

Keith Newton says:

Hi guys, could you please do a video explaining how one set of irons can have constant gaps of 4 degrees through the set and a different have gaps starting at 5 then 4 then 3 and sometimes 2, I just do not understand how you can get proper gapping, would absolutely love for you guys to able to explain or explain the problem, thanks Keith ?

Keith Newton says:

Hi guys are you saying you would weaken the 790 ‘s in a combo set as apposed to strengthen the 770’s, thanks Keith, great videos btw

M. P. says:

Could we get a shot shaping test, p770 vs p790?

Alexander Ortega says:

Excellent video guys!
Recently I was getting fit by a Taylormade rep and he noticed a slightly more spin, less distance from the 7i P770 in comparison to the 7i P790. Given the difference in stock lofts between these clubs that seemed logical. Your experimental data shows equally lofted the clubs would perform nearly identical. Rather than accept the difference in lofts as the disparity between clubs the rep thought changing shafts between both sets would be better than manipulating the lofts. He suggested I should be fit for P770 with KBS C Taper or P790 with KBS $ Taper.

This seemed well and fine until I watched this video. The idea of combining the 2 sets P790 (3i-5i) + P770(6i-AW) seems like a good idea. I would rather tweak lofts for gapping rather than have 2 different shafts for the 2 sets of clubs. Thoughts?

Could you guys clarify how you would gap the irons? The video is a little confusing as to degrees of loft for clubs. Video mentions P770 4i @ 21*, 5i @ 24.5*, 6i @ 28*. Wouldn't the P790s be the longer irons and transition to the p770s for the shorter irons?

Golfpigs says:

After 3 yrs with the p970s, I've moved to p770s following a fitting with Taylormade – I only found 3-4 yards in difference for me, but chalk & cheese with the spin, more hiehgt height & spin, 800rpm (but standard loft, so that would count for that difference) p770s so much easier to control (for me that is) – loved every shot with the p790s which have helped me improve my game, which has allowed me to move to an even better player irons for me. Great video guys.

Stephan S says:

I looked at the 790s about 2 years ago and loved them. Got a great deal on Callaway Apex Pros and bought them instead. I'll be in the market again in the spring and will probably end up with the 790s this time.

Mitch Anderson says:

i love these videos, but how the hell is any brand unbiased person suppose to know which clubs to buy

Tom Parker says:

Great video team. Question, what model Nike shoes is Matty wearing??

mrjamesgrimes says:

I tried the 770’s….they felt harsh. 921 forged all day for my money

fred mitchell says:

Love 770’s!!

Simon Folbigg says:

Love all the info you guys provide. Thanks. How would you gap/fit a combo set of Titleist SM8 60, 55 and GW, Mizuno MP20 PW – 8 iron, Mizuno JPX921 TOUR 7-5 iron and P770 4 – 3 iron? Would you make the blades stronger lofts or fit longer shaft to make them go further? Would you use the same make and flex of shaft in all the irons except the 60 and 55? I haven't see much discussion about choosing the length of shaft in irons or deciding on the most suitable swing weight. What is the process?

Ernesto Lupercio says:

Hopefully they made a black 770. Been playing black 790 for two years now. Want a change. Strike them great. Just like shiny new things lol

Justin Sayles says:

Can you do a T100 vs TM MC?

Rob Bayntun says:

Would like to see more off centre strikes with both of these since the irons are designed to be “forgiving”. Great job tho, keep’em coming

Daniel Munoz says:

It would be interesting to see a comparison of the 2017-18 P-770s vs the new P-770s. I own the former and would be interested to see the differences in performance. Thanks, guys!

Ron Landry says:

Great video! Still playing the OG P770s and love them but intrigued by these new versions. Was Matt using his typical shaft (DG X7)? Does he use that shaft for all of your iron tests?

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