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James Howarth says:

Would these be considered more forgiving than the P770?

Zachary Milos says:

Ali you crushed those!!

I hope these come out in lefty…

wake 66 says:

Me: Oh the pin is only 145 yards away pulls out 9 iron oh now my ball is in the parking lot behind the pin.

KALE402 says:

It is a 3 iron you are hitting not a 4 iron.. look at the lofts. It is 20.5*.. that is less then a 3 iron

danthemanwhocancan says:

Nice striking ?

Howie Land says:

I've replaced my long irons with hybrids, but the P790s sure look nice…

Paul Henderson says:

Great review I cannot wait to hit them i am playing the Srixon 565 but I think I am in love with these would you say these are harder to hit than the Srixon??? Thanks

Todd Wilson says:

Great review..

Question – can it honestly be forged when it's hallow? I always understood forged to be one solid piece.

Mike Farrell says:

Ali,have you got the 730's,I would like to see them in action

Leonard Wee says:

If you changed the setting of the gc2 to 4 iron instead of 1w. Would it make any difference?

hollywood1513 says:

Are you still using one length irons?

Jacob Ball says:

Good one, look forward to the full set review.

On a side note, you may want to play around with equalising the sound levels, there's a section where the sound is quite low versus the rest of the video.

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