TaylorMade P790 Irons

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jpugolf says:

Great semi review Randy. Not sure TM have enough money to buy out PXG like they did with Adams when they tried to sue for the speed slot infringement?…although they could ask Tiger and Rory to dip into their small change to help out. Looking forward the next instalment. Keep it real "bro"?

Teeuplo Golf Channel says:

Great video Randy very informative and descriptive, I tested the irons myself on Friday and have a very similar opinion.

Dillon Lavarnway says:

My 2 favorite clubs on the market right now are these and the cobra forged one length, and that's coming from a 4 handicapper

DrSlinkyWW says:

Let's start a class action against PXG and Acushnet for sticking it to the little man. Participants receive a free set of 0311s and all the costco K-sigs you can handle.

TheUofAfan says:

Just don't buy anything TM. Had a spider once and then realized I was playing with a TM putter and sold it

Philip Van Heerden says:

Was surprised how they felt. I got good spin with the club ~7000 spin with a 7-iron…also a surprise. I play blades and the look was just a bit too chunky for me. But still people should definitely try these

tomas bergdal says:

isnt it about time that someone made a test to find out how a gameimprovment iron differs against a players iron in regards to stopping on the greens?

Ryan Nash says:

Does that mean that ping are gonna sue pxg for copying there drivers fairways wedges & hybrids

geordie spartan says:

where can i get the fried eggs shirt?

Celeste Ryan says:

Do not care for TM but But Parsons is just a media bullsh:::::r Con artist for the rich Bill

Steven Hensley says:

I bet the speedfoam is simply to keep the head from creating an awful sound. You are the only review to mention that. Perhaps they should fill a driver with foam to dampen the sound. This club looks nice though.

Tyler Egan says:

Sound effects describing the sound the club makes and the shirt are on point randy! I so scratched my screen last video to see if that mark was on my side haha

Joel Peart says:

Clubs like this only go to show how many wankers play the game of golf. I'm ashamed to say. "Here's a club that looks like a blade but doesn't play like a blade but still looks like a blade for those players who can't play a blade but want to play with a blade"

callmecamo2 says:

Was I the only one waiting for a, "Sup, bro?" at the end?

Michael STAUDT says:

Good looking iron ! Would love to try them but I am a little bit worried that I really like em and have to buy them after trying….And to be 100 % honest…. half the price of pxg is still a lot of money. Think I will wait till they are in sale (prob. next month lol).

Pin Hunters Golf says:

For the love of all that is holy, please have a video of Ace playing with these and you breaking his heart that they are not "blades"

Alan Terry says:

TM made hollow clubs filled with foam in the early 1990's with the ICW5 and ICW11.  Then around 2009 they made the R9 which was also filled with foam.  I think PXG is way off base.

Kris Benson says:

They sent 'em!!!

Kristofor Brown says:

Today's video is not going to be that harsh, damn I love your taylormade trolling videos

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