TaylorMade P790 Irons Review By Golfalot

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Sodthong says:

Speed foam lol

P Mac says:

Do these really have a lower offset than ap2?

Don B says:

Seems like the foam would get hard at cold temperatures? Maybe softer during hotter temperatures? Can you test to see if temperature affects the performance?

George Smith says:

My concern being someone with weaker hands is the weight of the heads. I see on the Taylormade website the swing weight of the longer irons is D2 and it goes up through the PW as one would expect. I tried these in a golf shop and they felt heavy relative to many other irons I tried. I wish they started at D0 in the long irons because I loved the feel of impact. Do you know if they can adjust the weight of the heads at the factory they way Ping does?

Tom Donnelly says:

Nice to see TaylorMade making some good looking, game improvement irons.

cwugrad396 says:

Not sure what Category 1 is. I play off a 13 and was hitting the middle fairly consistently at a demo day and bought a set of 5-AW with the Modus 105. Loved the feel and forgiveness and more importantly for me the head wasn’t too big and the offset was minimal so I wasn’t overcooking it far left. Wasn’t a TM fan until I hit these clubs

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