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fantazamo gwantonamo says:

Why don't you show ball flights?

BOBBY C says:

Great copy job by Tailor Maid…Chinese are pissed!

Michael Pasvantis says:

Great video. Kind of a big difference in those spin numbers though and I do also believe that the Taylormade is a cast body with a forged face welded to that so not a "true forging" whereas the PXG is fully forged. Keep up the good work.

Tensioner says:

Didn't TM used to make some kind of hollow irons? F PXG.

 I want the Chinese ones for $150.

cwugrad396 says:

Tighter dispersion front to back with the TM (7 yards v 13 yards) and at half the price. I think we all know who the winner is. And soooo much better looking IMO

Michael STAUDT says:

Great Video! I Will Not test them…. i am afraid that i like em and have to buy em lol. I think its for years a tm which could Go in my bag! But way to expansive! Think i will wait Till they are on sale (probably next month lol)

Collin Golf says:

Is this Rick and Pete's old studio?? Great video btw

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