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Mark Crossfield hits the TaylorMade P790 irons on the course and with his GCQuad for dry ball data. See what the new P790 irons could do for your golf with Marks full test of these new irons from TaylorMade golf. For golf equipment reviews and full testing make sure you subscribe to Mark's channel today.

Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here https://www.youtube.com/TheR4C2010

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Steven Harrison says:

I rarely read any of the marketing spiel as I know that it's just going to make a club sound ridiculous. I'm generally not a fan of Taylormade or Callaway clubs purely on them releasing too many clubs and just making it hard work to buy a set. Mizuno, Titleist and Ping are my normal go to brands as they generally bring out a range of irons and woods every couple of years where I'm given the choice of larger headed with offset, smaller cavity irons for a little help or blades and I then choose depending on how much I've been playing/practicing and where my consistency of strike is at. All the marketing fluff just makes life more difficult but I suppose the marketing departments at some companies have got so big that they need to justify their worth by trying to sound clever despite how little can actually be done to clubs within the rules.

George Smith says:

Foam helps you shave faster with blades.

PkGam says:

Ah, there's the Speed Slot marketing again. But "speed foam" is a new one! XD I think the only thing that foam will do is create a more desirable sound at impact. As embarrassing as the marketing they do, I don't think it would stop me from getting a club if I liked it. I mean I totally get why they do it: To move products. Every manufacturer does that. So basically if you never got clubs (or balls for that matter) based on their marketing claims, your bag would essentially be completely empty, lol!

i Mc says:

Great footage & edit

Scott Davis says:

I hope this foam didn't come from Rocketballz, lol.

Mark Sheridan says:

I pay absolutely no attention to the selling points, if it looks good, feels good and is in the price bracket which I am willing to pay then that is all I am interested in.

Phil McIver says:

In 2012 Rocketbladz tour irons were RRP £699
In 2015 the PSI irons RRP were £799
In 2017 the P790 are now RRP £1049

That is a price increase of 50% in 5 years that is way above the rate of inflation. It's not just Taylor made it is all the manufacturers.

All this and there is very very little performance gain.

So much for trying to grow the game.

Howie Land says:

I appreciate your club testing, Mark, but I do get tired of your constant niggling about tech. I agree that the marketing of the tech overpromises, but your carping makes it sound as if there's no point in companies trying to move tech forward.

whocareswins1 says:

I could definitely see players who are used to using players irons but who have lost a bit of distance over the years liking this ?

Andrew R says:

Mark im going to unsubscribe unless you start using whole milk in your coffee you absolute butcher

Tom Duckworth says:

They are interesting. I'm warming up to TMs irons your review of the 770s was good. I don't care for the looks of the 770s for some reason. It's true there is not as much difference between blades and GI irons as they would like us to think. How would they sell clubs if they told us it's really up to how you play that makes the score card look pretty. Some times that little bit helps here or there but like you say STRIKE.

Jukka Kymäläinen says:

Good looking iron ? I like those slots, foams, tungsten, wings ? etc… Yes they are mostly marketing and selling, but they make me happy ? I also think that, even small visual or technical help might give you more confidence and you start trust more your swing ?? Peace ✌

Geordie Sancaster says:

Hi mark, it's all bollocks it's the strike yes strike you've proven that over the years, so come on golf companies it's bollocks it's strike yes strike, shout it out more mark. STRIKE. # STRIKE (phew)

Richard T says:

"Speed Foam" must be left over racing foam. From seats, helmets, steering wheels, etc. 😉

Rich Laburay says:

Didn't TM fill a club with foam 30 years ago? Is this Speedfoam left over from that batch?

nemodetroit says:

I don't think there's really much meaningful "tech" in irons. They're largely still just chunks of flat metal with differing amounts of face angle (loft). In contrast, drivers made a huge leap in tech from wood to metal, then to larger metal heads, then to the big metal heads we have today, but not much since 460cc became the norm. Similarly, hybrids were a reasonably significant change relative to replacing long irons. Other than that? I don't buy into the majority of the "tech" that we're fed by the manufacturers.

Kyle Walker says:

Tec terms don't sell to me, price point and looks do

Michael Battlefield says:

What's with the hole on the toe area on the 4iron? Or a screw or something.

DjTak3On3 says:

The slots on the face cause massive problems for tmade .

Adam Flynn says:

Those things to me mean its not really a forged iron..they forge it then they cut a hole in it…fill it with speed foam (well only an idiot would fill it with slow foam) then they stick a bit of tungsten in it…not to mention sticking slots in it too.
I dunno call me old fashioned but just make an iron out of metal with no slots and knock £300 off the cost of ur set…….
Dont like TM anyway so these wouldnt make my bag if i got a free set.

Philip Smith says:

Same, Same but different !!

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