TaylorMade P790 on course test – Average Golfer

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Daniel Smith says:

I agree with rickho75 your ball striking and ball flight look far better than 8 really enjoy your Video s

Doug Benbow says:

Hit these yesterday and it is the best iron I ever hit. The impact is so smooth and the ball jumps off the club with forgiveness to boot. It's an investment but well worth it!

bazsmyth says:

Andy, is there a shot tracer app for the IPhone?

mingsonjang says:

thanks for review…enjoyed your breakdown and giving the "avg golfer" real information….keep up good work

George Smith says:

Do the 790's feel softer than Ping iblades?

Dazza O says:

Hi Andy great vlog
Any chance of doing some lob wedge testing ,vokey etc

Mark Sheehan says:

These reviews are potentially very dangerous for my bank balance! If you had to buy a set of irons in the morning what would you go for Andy?!

Simon Whitehead says:

Hi Andy, not sure 8 is average (i wish) but great test.

Jeff Smith says:

Great vlog Andy nice to see you on the course testing , and also hitting out of the rough to see how the clubs perform, you cant do that on the range . well done

Mike Cook says:

Simple question P790 or Epic irons????

BTatHome says:

Good testing video Andy … Gotta be a good deal to be working' and playing golf 🙂

Loving those clubs. Had a play with the P730 irons last week and struggled on the day with my swing and distance on course, but the P790 (on the same day) was a different all together. Loved it, and can definitely see a wish list of these in the bag!

Matt Gomez says:

I really like the on course testing. These 790 are among the best looking clubs TaylorMade has produced. If I had your game I would put these clubs in my bag for sure. I working towards that. Thanks for the great videos.??

Col Br says:

Great review on the course, nicely put together to include ball flight. Was surprised how consistent the distance was of the balls into the green. They appear to be friendlier clubs than I would expect.

Ian Styring says:

Great stuff Andy. Love your videos……sorry vlogs!

Trotter 1966 says:

When you suggested doing some on course testing I was certainly in the “Yes” camp. Andy you’re nailing this format buddy and as you mentioned during this test you’re game is definitely benefiting from getting out on the course a bit more which is a win win. The average golfers salute your efforts, hopefully the good old British weather keeps cooperating so that you can keep bringing us more of the same. ????.


Hi Andy I really like the look of these new Taylormades and as someone who has to say prefers Mizuno and Titleist I have to say I am surprised but would love to try them myself now

Richard Russell says:

Another great video Andy, and nice to meet you today at Chester ?

Vaughan Waison says:

Can u test the durability of the club since its forged. Thanks

Geordie Sancaster says:

Good review Andy can’t please everyone with the greens you hit being soft it is November lads! Try taking a couple of irons to Monte Rei should be firmer and see how they do if you have time. Just had word from Michael Newton on Wednesday my Titleist irons now coming Dec 10th not November 15th must have sold lots of irons but Michael did say my 8,9,PW gap wedge are at the pro shop just waiting for 4-7 in AP3s to arrive, no problem I’ve still got my other set. #Tagers

Mike Cook says:

Well done! Enjoyed your comments!

Mark Audley says:

Nice one bud. I have just put the 790s in the bag but went with the TMB’s in 4 and 2 iron for a mix set. Haven’t got out on the course yet but the numbers made it so I didn’t need a 5 iron. Will be down at fore Golf this week to smash a few away.

Wade Preston says:

I really like the course Vlogs. Keep doing those

Jeff Shawver says:

Well done sir….Actually a nice looking club. I might just have to give these a look in a year or so. Thanks for the skinny on these clubs on the course.

Robert Nava says:

Fantastic way to review. The scenery is much nicer than any shop.

Matthew Ferreras says:

Great video! Thanks for taking the time to get out on the course.

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