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wade weber says:

Hey Rick! Could you do a video on the titleist AVX golf ball? Really curious on the performance. Thanks!

Chung Tsai says:

Nice review Rick,
What about a review of Titleist NXT balls since they are at The same price point and of curiosity how they compares with ProV1.

Simon Whitehead says:

Thanks Rick. Been curious about these for a while as i currently play tp5x. Found some in yellow so giving them a try over the winter (i have been playing tm burner but they are rock hard).

Tate Nettestad says:

It's a softer ball, way softer than a Pro V1.

Neri Marini says:

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Jim Barber says:

I have used these and the Chrome Soft (depending on the cost in sales etc) for a few years and found little difference. The Project ball has a very penetrating flight in the wind too.

metamurph says:

It is (like I think many of the just below pro level balls) really the better ball value and it is the same guy that designed original ProV1 and of course now his own balls…


it is similar to the TP5..just ran thru a dozen..they're "OK"..

Ken Royal says:

Right on the money Rick. My buddy calls them the poor man's Pro V. I've been going back and forth between this and the Titleist Velocity ball. Both, will not break the bank. Thanks.

Bizairsp says:

Chrome soft 11700

martin hastie says:

Snell. Great Ball

Joshua Vasquez says:

Hey Rick, would love to see a review of the srixon q star tour

D-railed says:

is the way you pronounced Urethane the same thing as Aluminum vs. Aluminium or just a mispronunciation?

Gilberto Ayala says:

Using Wilson Staff Duo Urethane and I really like them Rick. Great video. I'll give the project (a) a whirl soon. Cheers

Rolland Hawkins says:

The buzz about golf balls this year has been about the Kirkland. A urethane skin tour ball for under $30. The project (a) is old news. Where is the love for the new Q star tour. The other urethane skin tour ball, low compression even, under $30. At least you did a video on Srixon Z star balls but none of the major Utubers has even acknowledged that there is another urethane tour ball for under $30 out there. You can't all be falling down on the job at the same time so it must be some more snooty prejudice. Titleist is the number one ball on tour but the urethane skin on a Z star is softer than what's on a Pro V1. How about giving Srixon some love too.

Persona Video says:

Rick! You REALLY got to test the new Wilson FG Tour ball and the new Wilson Duo Soft & Duo Spin. I think you'd enjoy playing with them. Cheers! -Mark

Casey Taylor says:

What happened to Rob? I would love to see someone hit these balls with less swing speed for us mere mortals. Great job as always Rick!

Jason Fowler says:

I've been playing this ball for over a year now. I initially went to it because it was 2/3 the price of a Pro V1. For me on a 5 handicap I couldn't tell much of a difference between this and the Pro V1. My only gripe is that they aren't very popular so a lot of the golf shops in my country don't stock them.

Chris McMillen says:

No better reviews then what you give us, the indepth details is what i look for and enjoy. Ill be picking up some of these balls to match my, new to me, R15 driver!

Jordan says:

love project a’s i always ended up buying them at a register when strapped for cash, usually playing a titleist prov1 or prov1x. always ended up coming home with a good few birdie balls with these in my collection.

Steve Smith says:

Found the project a was actually out performing a few TP 5's I got my hands on. Played 9 holes playing both balls for each hole to come out with my former statement. So I totally agree with Rick's assessment of the ball..

A Kuhmayer says:

One of my favourite golf balls.

ooShiGuyoo says:

I used a Project A for quite awhile and loved them. I recently switched to a Srixon Q-star because my local shop had them on sale. Rick, I'd love to see a review of the Q-star range to see what you think.

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