TaylorMade R1 Driver Review

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Check out my Jan 2015 top videos http://vid.io/xqsq
Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre Testing and reviewing the latest 2013 TaylorMade R1 Driver and comparing it to the TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2!

Also check out the last clip to see which one goes furthest!!!! http://youtu.be/L2UrO2A7Qf8

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Golf Redefined says:

Great video review on the @taylormadegolf R1 driver.

Griffin Keffer says:

Hey rick i was wondering if you could compare the new RBZ to the old one?

TheUnnamedFeeling82 says:

I’m by no means a good golfer, but I hit a ton of new drivers and the
Taylormade R1 was my favorite. I loved the penetrating golf flight I got
with this driver compared to the other ones. I really liked the color of
the Nike Covert but when it came down to feel and flight, R1 bested the
rest for me.

Jin C says:

Thanks for another great review! If you are able to get your hands on them,
I would love to see a review of the new Cobra Amp Cell vs. Amp Cell Pro
drivers. Cheers, Jin.

Rick Shiels PGA says:

I would have hit 7/10 fairways which isn’t too bad. Thanks for watching

james eadie says:

5/5 for accuracy is equalled to 100% 4 out of 10 is 40%

Iain M says:

Got fitted for the R1 and find it great to hit. Regards the graphics they
do not put me off and make the head seem smaller than it actually is

Mike F says:

7 out of 10 would be a 4.. 😉

Rick Shiels PGA says:

I will certainly try to. Thanks for the feedback!

Sgt Pepper says:

Hi rick,im hoping u can review the new adams super ls 3 wood,liking your

stfn00 says:

Nice video mate, I was just wondering if Mark Crossfield inspired you to
make these videos? Or Vise versa?

Eric Anderson says:

Out of your 10 shots with the R1 Driver on Flightscope there seemed to be
significant differences on your Swing Speeds? What do you think of the R1
Driver in Black?

Matthew52032 says:

I love these review videos. I find them very helpful. Please upload more of

Kris Greer says:

Hey Rick, have just discovered your videos! Love them, really informative!
I’m a 14 handicapper who tends to slice the ball off the tee. Of the R1,
RBZ 2 and the Nike covert which do you think would better suit me? Any help
would be great. Cheers Kris!

Derek Furlong says:

Great video rick, got my r1 today, looking forward to getting it out on the

Taylor Zalewski says:

having hit the TP and regular shaft, the regular shaft went 10-20 yards
further. The regular shaft is just as amazing as the TP

91scalloped says:

I have not been a Taylormade Guy since the original R5 came out; I really
thought tailor-made lost their edge to callaway. I recently tried the R1
and loved it. I typically average a 100mph club head speed and get 260
yards with my cleveland Hibore xls. While testing on a driving range
simulator, I tried the R1 and I was able to easily gain 20 more yards at
the same club head speed. The RBZ 3 wood kicks butt, but the R1 driver is a
much better driver; it’s a lower loft made it really go further.

maguire500 says:

what cc is the r1

Rick Shiels PGA says:

Thanks Derek! Enjoy the R1!


can u review the RBZ and RBZ 3 wood i just got both of them and wondering
how youdo with it

cundyno1 says:

How can you give 5/5 for accuracy. You would of hit 4 fairways out of 10!!!

john anderson says:

You’re trying to swing too hard and it causes you to block it to the right.
Slow down! 🙂

Anthony Dascoli says:

Hi Rick, Who would you say the R1 is geared towards? I know you said
Mid-Low for Stage 2, would the R1 fit a larger range with the increased
adjustability? Thanks!

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