TaylorMade R1 Driver

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TaylorMade R1 Driver review with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. The R1 driver with its adjustable head will be a popular golf club with golfers around the world. Play your best golf with Mark Crossfield and his golf videos.


maxpf says:

i think it is a great idea to give you every loft setting nowadays, and
will probably save you money….swings change, especially amateur swings,
so if oyu get custom fit and then a year later you have a better/different
action, your club is no longer specced to your needs….so i think its
great to be able to fiddle around with lofts to get your optimum launch.
and when you find you have a different attacck angle a year later you can
adjust and loft down or up and don´t have to get custom fit for a new club
again….just my 2 cents

Joey Sanchez says:

Are you going to do a review on the Cobra Bio Cell clubs??

Sean Siegman says:

hi mark, i have the R1 driver and the plate is holding up good. I’ve had it
for 4 months and it gets dirty easy, but does not crack

suntsu152 says:

On sale at golf galaxy today only $135.00 New

bearbrandable says:

too much talking

Naqsh Thind says:

Hi Mark, i’m an 18 handicapper and i have a medium swing speed….then will
u recommend this driver to me….if you recommend then should i buy regular
shaft or stiff shaft?

SpetsnazMax says:

I disagree with getting fitted vs having the option to adjust it…majority
of the amateurs do not have consistent swing, getting them fitted won’t
help much. I got fitted for R-Bladez irons, wasnt swinging great at the
time, and now I have fixed my swing, but the clubs dont fit my swing…My
advice, never get fitted until you have lessons, and swing correctly
otherwise it is just waste of money!

Dtyler171 says:

@Naqsh Thind
It depends on what you mean by “medium” swing speed, but more than likely
you should use regular.

When my average driver SS hit 105 I switched to stiff…nowadays it is an
average 116 and I switched to x stiff (just an example, may not be the same
for everyone).

Mark Crossfield says:

The Taylormade R1 driver reviewed by Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru. 

Mark Crossfield says:

The Taylormade R1 driver reviewed by Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru. 

Mark Crossfield says:

R1 driver review with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru

Conor Morgan says:

Can you tell me you’re opinion of the R11s I love the driver and I can hit
it well 

Mark Crossfield says:

TaylorMade R1 driver review by Mark Crossfield

Mark Crossfield says:

Taylormade R1 driver review with Mark Crossfield. 

ross mccartney says:

ive got the burner superfast 2.0 tp driver and I hit it like 280 yards and
I tested the r1 out a fue days ago and I am buying it cause I got like 300
yards out of it and I can do what ever I want with the club so I think the
r1 is the best culb in the world, that has ever been made apart from the
906 f2 fairway wood …

Josh Nance says:

He SHOULD review the cb3’s. I just got a set and damn im impressed. Hit my
buddies new vrs cb’s and i honestly hit my adams further and with better
feel and feedback. Nice set of irons IMO

Zach Haayema says:

Why does everyone seem to care what other people use as drivers? No one is
an idiot, we all know that the R1 is not that big of an improvement from
the R11 or R11s, but we buy it anyways. Know why? Because we like
taylormade clubs. If I didnt like taylormade I wouldnt buy an R1. If you
dont like taylormade thats fine! I really dont care what you play, and you
shouldnt care what I play. Just play the damn game!

Dante Shaw says:

i tried this club out as a demo and this was the first club i ever used
that built my club speed to 100 mph.very good driver

Joshua Formosa says:

What’s better this or the R11s

Rigz Wrigley says:

Nice review, I’m waiting to see the Callaway RF Xtreme and X Hot Pro
drivers before buying for 2013. The Matrix Black tie as a stock shaft
offering really appeals. Lets see all the 2013 drivers head to head in a
shoot out on Trackman with you and the James’.

Ben Fouts says:

The Amp cell was ok but it is really high launch and lots of spin maybe the
amp cell pro might be better

Boksik Kim says:

Watching your video is one of my daily routine. I wanna see close-up video
of your wrist movements.

Max Weiss says:

G20 great club. Or maybe the cobra amp, not the cell. These are both GREAT
and probably on sale. I have got the g20 R-flex 10.5 just make sure you
give those 2 a hit.

usbpt2004 says:

Not a fan of the paint job on the crown. I recently got the R11s and like
it a lot. Asked a rep at the local pro-shop and he said all TM did was
repaint the old ones!

john gerken says:

well no shit i know they put time and research and months of testing into
each club but they do this every year and already have the staff and
equipment to do so. You have to be retarded to believe that every year you
can gain 17 yards with this a 22 with that. so in 10 years do u expect to
hit the ball 450 off the tee which is gaining 20 yards on a current 250.

briggsyboy1966 says:

Wat driver would u recommend for 12-14 year olds? who have been playing a

pipersolo says:

Full swing slo-mo – such a nice swing and release.

Luis Donoso Roblero says:

This guy is stupid

Ben Fouts says:

I was able to hit the r1 913 cover tour and the amp cell yesterday. I will
have to say with 305 average carry and 325 roll out avg. I have to say the
r1 took over the show. It was 20 yards further than all the rest. I’m
ordering my tp today

john gerken says:

cause its a waste. i know its fun to get the newest thing but why waste it
and honestly unless your on tour or a low handicapper the latest thing
should help you that much what it really does is make you look like a
horrible golfer when you have a $400 driver and hit a duff or huge slice.
you would look better just having a r9 which is just as good but “old” in
some peoples mind

MyLifeOfGuitar says:

A completely adjustable driver will only marginally improve your long game
and will have no effect on your short game, so take that in mind before you
fork out 400 quid on one of these things

Antony Gwynne says:

Please do a r11s v r1 as I have an r11s an really want to get the r1, but
would like to see if there is any difference between the clubs… An would
it justify the 290quid upgrade??

srvfan04 says:

no… he was saying ebay gets you 1/4th the price


Great video again, Got to say the price of these is just crazy £300+, I get
they have adjustability, but god that’s a lot of dosh for the average
amateur. I’m a fan of Taylormade, having invested in the R11 3 wood last
year, and yup I tinkered with the settings, as with most amateurs I slice,
and I have to say made a difference. I get the feeling though Mark your not
a big fan of the adjustable in clubs?? Just a great big shame, I would love
one of these, but £300+ never ever gonna happen.

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