TaylorMade R11 Driver

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http://www.4golfonline.com The TaylorMade R11 driver reviewed by Mark Crossfield the internet golf professional. With the many changeable settings the R11 driver offers watch Mark hit the driver and see if it could help you hit more fairways. Taylormade r11 driver review from the best golf equipment reviewer on youtube.


ExcitingAds! Inc. says:

▶ TaylorMade R11 Driver – YouTube http://ow.ly/qqVAq ^NS

John Eury says:

@4golfonline My friend uses the 910 and loves it, better than my r1, but
its probably the golfer, not the club

josh abrams says:

i hate the r11 driver i hit it probably twenty times or so and hated it i
much rather stick to my nike driver

David Monroe says:

Hey mark i am in the market for a good driver im a 8 hdc would u recommend
this club for me? ive hit it in stores and it feels looks and sounds goot
and I hit it 295 while i average 275 with my burner 07 so thanks 4 the
vidio would be grateful for the recomendation!

uenragedbro says:

@dustijohnsonfan118 For a golf club, and what do golf clubs do? THEY HIT
BALLS. God, you’re so dumb.

spinmilled64 says:

the new r11s is coming out when this go’s on sale im getting it.

go2ahappyplace1 says:

@lax4free go with the superfast 2.0 its alot lighter but if you want all
the gadgets and adjust ability then obviously go with the r11 but the
superfast is longer…. if i were you i would go to golfsmith or where ever
you go and get fitted

Eric Zimmerer says:

i hit the R11and i hate it

Brandon Even says:

i was wondering if the r11 would be a good choice to look at, i hit an old
callaway big bertha steelhead 205cc head and hit it well and wanted a new
driver, any help?

amusement420 says:

My friend had his dialed in by a pro at a TaylorMade Fitting Facility
(there aren’t too many of them as I understand) There’s videos on youtube
of what they do for you. He always gets the newest Taylor Made. As far as
this driver I can’t recall his specs. He’s not a pro. He’s a country club
player. He drove one 320 yds on the course. Old Avg 235-265 yds. New Avg
250-275 yds. Driver swing speed 111-119. He said Dustin Johnson’s is 122 in
comparison. J.B. Holmes’s the longest on tour 316+avg.

Trey Brandt says:

@lax4free go with the R11

Paul Coan says:

hey mark, i am a younger player what do you about the machspeed driver

As3sinoL0C0 says:

@A5iaNatorTV If you haven’t purchased it yet I just got mine yesterday for
$286 in Michigan.

Emmet_Baller 98 says:

I am between the R11 and the Titleist 910 D3. What would you reccomend?

Lloyd D says:

Guys look out for the new R11 460cc head driver which is being released
soon not sure on the date but it should be by the end of the year.

prorobo says:

@philyfree Not once, but twice you were duped by your own ignorance! He was
making fun of you since the R11 DRIVER is designed to be played off the tee
box with the ball on a TEE, not off the ground.

TheLeopardFox says:

but they look nearly identical, don’t they…?

Joel Conley says:

I absolutely love my R11! The stock Blur X didn’t cut it, but I put in a
Motore F1 tour issue 65X and it turned into the best driver I have ever put
in my hands, without a doubt. It’s really ALL about the shaft and weight
combo, and it’s fun to play around with on the range too. I came from a
Ping i15, which was nice, but a bit of a balloon machine. The R11 is just
as long and SO much more forgiving than the i15, and I haven’t caved the
face in like I did the i15.

DjTiram says:

@TheZimmerer why?

Ryan Thompson says:

Titleist and Taylormade are both selling their products with the same
promise between the White and Black contrast (Taylormade) and the full
black (Titleist). I currently have the original Burner and I’m testing some
drivers very soon. I am put off by all the adjustments on the R11 and Im
not a fan of the new burner. Do you prefer the Titleist D2 or the R11?

prorobo says:

@philyfree There is no way it is physically possible to be as stupid as you
appear to be. Your hostility only further advances the fact that you are
wrong (and a dumbass). You are not worth my time.

TheProvobaby says:

My eyes got sore trying to keep up with this guy buzzing about the screen.
Sugar rush???

ariel4naomi says:

Hey Mark I am thinking about buying either the Taylormade r11 or Taylormade
Rocketballz. I am a scratch golfer. My problem with my current driver is
that I slice it terribly.I was wandering if you could help me choose which
driver to buy?

joe Blunt says:

The Burner superfast is difficult to get fitted for now

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