TaylorMade R11 Irons

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http://www.4golfonline.com TaylorMade R11 Irons tested by Mark Crossfield. Watch this video golf review of the TaylorMade R11 irons and see is the new offering from Taylormade Golf has anything to offer. The all singing all dancing iron from the golf giant claims to do everything so Mark puts the golf club to the test . R11 has been a big hit for TaylorMade so the R11 iron range was always on the cards. Is this yet another marketing game for Tmag or do the R11 irons actually work.


Sam Thomson says:

@4golfonline thanks!

ChillDayEveryday says:

Hey Martin I have some knockoff Burner 09 irons and they are cut down 2
inches and I am 13 years old and I average low 80’s. Should I get the R11
irons?…………………and all my clubs are R11. PLEASE RESPOND

GolfTube72 says:

Please make an in the bag video!

Mark Crossfield says:

@HKgolfer132 no way

Mark Crossfield says:

@Random4sure I will do a video very soon and show you the minor
differences. Have you got Mark’s iPhone app yet. Click the link in the
banner at the top of his channel page.


Hi Mark can you compare the R11 irons to the RBZ irons please

Ryan Werner says:


kirbster10101 says:

mark i am a 10 handicap and i have r9 iorns, i no clubs dont make u a
better golfer, but i was wondering is there a major difference between the
r9 iorns and the r11 iorns. i would appreciate it also if you made a review
video between the r9 iorns and the r11 iorns. thank you

selfdisplaced says:

went to store today and hit the r11’s…really, really nice. looking
forward to getting these. they look less chunky then the CBs at address as
you can’t really see the back of the club as much with the R11’s.

Philip Smith says:

Mark Can you test the R11 against the Burner 2.0 Cheers

SvKai says:

im about a 8 or 9 handicap…high 70s low low 80s…i have callaway x20s
and im looking to upgrade…i dont think im ready for blades because i
still have several mishits so im definitely looking for a little
forgiveness without losing workability…i want the workability because im
learning how to different shots in different situations so it woud be nice
to be able to move the ball and still have slight forgiveness if the ball
isnt striked absolutely pure..

Andrew Beaver says:

Can you compare the R11s with the Cobra Amp Forged irons please.

elohimfetus says:

I hit the quite a bit inside and thought they were excellent. Certainly
nicer than my R9s. To bad I won’t be in the market for irons for some years
to come.

Dinosauring says:

What’s the difference between these and the tour preferred cavity back
irons? They look almost identical besides their colors.

Jake Moura says:

Of course you can.

ATC235 says:

Can u compare the R11 irons with the new rocketbladez irons. Thank you

Steinþór Sigurðsson says:

Great videos Mark. How would you compare the R11 to the Burner 2.0 Irons.
I’m a 19 handicap (getting lower quite fast now) and playing with Burner
2.0 (graphite) and I’m looking to move over to steel shaft. The question is
should I stay with the Burner 2.0 but replace the graphite with Steel
shafts or am I better off going for the R11 (steel)?

mattt101 says:

@4golfonline is the app available on android?

Lloyd D says:

There nice looking irons but thay are the same as the forged cb irons. I
can see them selling well cuz of the R11 badge on them apart from that no
diffrent in performance than the burner 2.0 irons

Mark Crossfield says:

@OCgolfACE10 defo will get onto that, have you got the app yet? click the
link in the banner on my channel page.

ThatIsGoodOJ says:

Looks like the muscle back? Are you sure you don’t mean cavity back?

Tabbah2 says:

good video, but ive been testing the r11’s out for a few rounds now and i
have to say i think the control compared to the burner range is vastly

Mark Crossfield says:

@chaseybears thanks more on the way. Have you got the iPhone app yet. All
Marks content presented on the iPhone in a much more organised way. Also
with send Mark your swing button. Click the link on his channel in the
banner at the top of the page.

EEH021987 says:

I demo’d these twice and loved the feel so ordered a set. You don’t seem
too impressed…what would you recommend for an iron in a similar price
range over the R11?

The Mad Rapper says:

Well i hit the taylormade R11 6 iron at a Golf store and it fells like a
tour performance iron cause its a little heavy when i swing it. its a nice
club but ill still keep the burner 2.0 irons in my bag. Thanks for another
good video, Mark

Sam Evans says:

your a poet and you didd’nt even know it

BiffyBass says:

I like what you’re doing with the editing now 😀 But it would be very nice
if you did a shot of what the club looks like at address during your reviews

Mark Crossfield says:

@fenderboy34 I can hear you, they do like the gimmick approach.

Jason Barrows says:

hit these irons today, and they are thhe best feeling irons i have ever hit
in my life

Beanione says:

@HKgolfer132 If they are released in New Zealand they will be released in
the states

Mark Crossfield says:

@BiffyBass no problem will try in the next reviews to include that shot

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