TaylorMade R11 R11s Driver

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TaylorMade R11 R11s Driver reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the TaylorMade R11 up against the R11s driver with TrackMan to show you which golf club might help you to improve your tee shots. The 440cc R11 should hit the golf ball lower with less spin where the R11s with its 460cc head size and moveable head technology should make it appeal to more golfers of different standards. Love your driver while find out of you would love a R11 or R11s in your golf bag with Mark's review.

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trevor preston says:

would you prefer the rbzed or rbz driver?

Jack Sean says:

does anyone know if the tp r11 has a stifer shaft than the standard r11

Fausto Lorenzi says:

What about R11s vs 910d3?

finlay best says:

this may sound stupid but when hitting a fairway wood of the dck i loose
confidence when looking down at a larger club head it looks impossible to
get the ball in the air but in the driver i prefer a bigger head size

Michael Sutton II says:

what about distance ?!

sociojeje says:

I just ordered R11s head with fubuki k shaft. i’ve never been a tm driver
fan since it seems like they care more about marketing, not actual
developing. well this time i’m giving it a try. if it doesn’t work well,
i’ll just sell the head and maybe getting a different driver head like
titleist 910 d2 or callaway razr fit

Allen Connor says:

Why has Taylormade been busting out drivers like their going out of style?
They should come out with a driver and let people use it for awhile. I have
the R11 and it seems like old news even though it came out last year.

Aran Sinclair says:

is the android app available yet and if not when? cheers

James Gooding says:

Have you tried “dialling it in” as Taylormade would say, to tweek with the
weights and club face angle to see if that affects the distance etc?Any
noticeable difference in the R11s?

Iain M says:

Hi. I have a stock R11 with the blur shaft. I have tried all the settings
and to be honest im not as impressed with the club as i had hoped. I hit my
R9 fairway wood within 10 yards of the r11 and im beginning to thinks its
the shaft as the R9 is fitted with the Motore F1 TP shaft

youngkim666 says:

mp 650 fwy vs vr pro le please, mr. internet guru.


nice video, can you show us 1 time whats in your bag? and maybe why this
and why this … would be really nice

bubbawatsonfan69 says:

yea like titleist does

masonntn says:

I owe a guy a couple thousand dollars for not repaying him after loaning me
some money. he says he’ll kill my wife if i dont pay him back soon, but he
will forgive me if i can make a hole in one on a par 3….how can i do that?

Simon Højmark says:

Hello Mark 🙂 Can you make af video, where you show, how i can hit my
driver lower and higher? Thanks for the good videos, you are making 🙂

rrequen2 says:

Can you compare the RBZ Tour vs R11S Driver. Thanks.

Robin Thim says:

Hi Mark. Thank´s for great golf tips! Can you please review the all new
Taylormade R1 driver and compare it to the R11 s.

theMANxGOLFER says:

Taylor Made claims the weights are more forward in the club head of the
R11s to decrease launch. It was interesting the angle came down and the
spin numbers went higher. I play the R11 TP, and have found an optimal
spin/shaft combo. I’ve heard rumors of a R11s Super Deep. I wonder how it
would compare under the same test.

Mark Crossfield says:

@nv0201154 just you, hahs boooo

Mark Crossfield says:

@k1m0k1m will get that video done soon for sure.

Mack Collas says:

Test the Callaway RAZR Fit Driver!

Carter Elmendice says:

Why would you want more spin? Seems like the R11 has a more piercing flight
combined with less spin,,,should equate to more distance. I am a 1.6 cap,
with the R11 9 degree. Again, why want more spin? Thanks for your reply and
all the great vids Mark.

nv0201154 says:

can someone answer this questions for me. why do people post videos and say
comment and they never respond to the comment whats the point on saying to
comment and never reply? does anyone ever notice it or is it just me?

TheAxel1337 says:

4:44 love what u did there mark

A5iaNatorTV says:

love my r11

chris hodge says:

Mark, would be interesting if you could do a comparison of the TM RBZ
driver & the TM R11S using trackman , spin, launch and distance. would be
nice to see if there is alot of difference between the 2 drivers.

Bryan Hindin says:

Yes it does.

gbvoul says:

the Golf Industry = Selling you your next clubs. its alll bullshit. the
best clubs were made 1993

Mark McLaughlin says:

Do a What’s in the Bag!!

ZeroSumJ1 says:

I wish I could be as good as you.

Patrick Carter says:

@nv0201154 Hitting the club towards the toe. Put some lip slave on the club
to show where you are striking the ball.

malelee21 says:

you said these are not your favorite driver; what’s your favorite driver of
all time?

dngfng says:

Nice review – are you going to get around to testing the Callaway RAZR Fit
any time soon?

keykeybongo says:

Mark, just a suggestion. You should use non range balls when you test
launch angle and spin rate to get a truer result

BMFProductions says:

@4golfonline yes, please do this!! also, if you could do the Speedline
Super XTD Fairway… It has that same “speed slot” technology

Chris Bisson says:

would you say then that it is worth it to upgrade to the r11s from the r11,
because theres so much advertising for R11s i feel like it will make a
difference but rationally i think its just hyperbole and the r11 is just as

dreamweaver964 says:

i wish i had his job.

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