TaylorMade R11 Rocketballz RBZ Irons

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TaylorMade R11 Rocketballz RBZ Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the two TaylorMade irons and talks about what these two golf irons could do for your golf game. The R11 with it's chrome finish and more classic looks and design will appeal to many golfers. The RocketBallz RBZ irons with extra help in the long irons and grey finish are built for distance and speed. the long shafted and strong lofted golf clubs are made for golfers who want power with some level of control.

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TheLFCzone says:

Mark review some Bridgestone golf clubs – driver, irons, balls etc

Justus Seiber says:

Could you do a video comparing two different game type clubs instead of
similar clubs. For example, could you do a video of TaylorMade Burner plus
irons vs. Something like TM r11 or RBZ. Basically a review over game
improvement clubs and expensive game improvement clubs.

tkavalanche24 says:

I had my first hole in one yesterday! 😀 Date: 7/25/12 Course: The Majestic
Hole: #8 Yardage: 171 Club: 7 Iron Ball: Bridgestone 1

yourik van beek says:

cobra AMP forged vs cobra s3 pro please.

PhelpsTV says:

Please review Cleveland Clubs!

Martin DeBrun says:

Yes but their shafts are longer that standard the balls they hit are rock
hard and it’s all about crushing a drive their’s not to many of them who
would do any thing on tour. My point was always tour edge are a very
playable club that are longer than any main brand for the same cost plus
you get a proper shaft not this crap you get with main brands

Daniel TheGolfShagger says:

I have played with both of these clubs and they feel nearly identical. The
Taylormade CB are a bit more challenging to hit, but when you make solid
contact, it feels amazing.

belridge1 says:

I love the RBZ!!! easy to use and I think looks great. Very straight
hitting too… only problem is getting use to the distances generated by
each iron compared to my old RAM set. No comparison really

Keenan Cartwright says:

I have r11 irons

AvatarX-Mr.K- says:

What happened to your glasses? 😛

tkavalanche24 says:


cubsrock10997 says:

actually they are. they have to keep it within a 50 yard wide fairway and
if the wind is blowing and the ball is going 400 yards thats a lot of time
forthe win to push the ball so for the most part they are pretty accurate
and i know a 50 yard fairway is big but with wind its a tough challenge

tsujimasen says:

Would like to see R11 MC comparison as well as R11 MP59 comparison

Tyler Jordan says:

I bought the r11 today irons and driver. I hit the rbz side by side with
the r11. Loved the feel of both. Felt like more control with r11 and I had
greater club speed. Both great clubs but for me it was the r11. I hit 100
balls with each for a good comparison

theleftygolfer1 says:

but what if you could keep hitting straight and add some yards….would you
turn it down?

Talthar says:

Hey Mark would you do a session on different types of wedges along with
comparing the DG spinner shaft to a standard one? Love the show and thanks
for the reviews and tips!

WeHaveGoneGlobal says:

Shaft videos. Draw and Fade videos. Putters. The reason I ask about shafts
so much, is because there are so many to choose from.

Beanione says:

They aren’t even released yet dude. They are just seeding the tour players
for R and D

Martin DeBrun says:

take out your shaft off your taylormade and check the wieght,frequency and
spine off the shaft there is + or – 15% tolerance not a made up statement,
fact they market their range well. So if you buy into this taylormade
number 1 driver sold and believe you get anything that resembles anything
your tour player has in his bag your a fool the only thing the same is the

Nic Rep says:

I have the rbz irons and drivers and I love them. I have been hitting my 8
iron around 140-150 and landing within a 10m area. They have great control
and I actually like the looks. The driver also just flys off, the other day
I have my swing speed tested and I got 117 mph and the ball carried 270
yards. I don’t have any complaints about them at all

MiniBlueDragon says:

I tried the R11’s, the CB’s and the Mizuno MP-59’s. The 59’s were without
question the better option for me and I’m hitting the ball better than
ever. I’ve never been big on TM’s over-branding, strong lofts and general
marketing strategy either so I’m kinda glad the Mizzies were better for me.

Roy Wang says:

Mark, you should buy a pair of Google glasses

rj durrant says:

hi mark any news on the new titleist 913 driver?

Martin DeBrun says:

Nothing beats Tour Edge for distance don’t care what your hitting if you
get a chance try them

Ben Ellis says:

Mark, you should hit tour edge exotics fairway woods i can put money down
that they are the best ones on the market!

Martin DeBrun says:

I don’t use a tour edge driver I use a 3 wood and them boys who hit the
ball over 400 yards are not that straight

Mububban23 says:

R11 6 iron – 28 degrees RBZ 6 iron – 26.5 degrees

Inimitable Hill says:

Could you do putter video with mallet or semi vs blade

mcdijnh2 says:

Will be sticking to me mizuno MX200s!

FlyByeFilms says:

RBZ Irons Look Like Shit!!!

Jack Myers says:

What is the best brand of irons for height? because my ball flight with my
irons isn’t high enough

Brendank987 says:

Hes English 😀

theleftygolfer1 says:

I have the r11 irons, and i love them. They look great on the ground, hit
great, and have lots of control…love themmm

siege159 says:

Haha I asked him to do a CB4 review last week…sadly, no response 🙁

TheBloodyEnglishman says:

R11 Irons…. Everything they know in one club TM say… Is that true Mark?

Ben Ellis says:

@siege159 haha that sucks cause they are fantastic clubs and they are not
well known! i got the xcg5 the other day and its amazing it make that
rocketvallz shit look like a tempomaster joke club:)

Mellow White says:

you look very weird without your glasses

tommyangles says:

Strangely I don’t hit my new RBZ irons any further than my old Mizuno MX20
T-Zoids, even with they’re stronger lofts??? Mark, do you have a way of me
contributing to your efforts? Shawn Clement has a “tips jar” on his own
website. Would be nice to pay back for your excellent vids. Thanks Tom

Jean-René Bergevin Marion says:

What’s your handicap? Cause I tried both too and liked more the Rbz cause
of the forgiveness they give. I prefer the look of r11 and I agree with you
with the control you get with these clubs, but I bought rbz to help my
game, wish I thought it could do a better job than r11 at that point (I’m
20 handicap)

Martin DeBrun says:

CB4 11.5 degree is my easiest club in the bag to hit off the tee or off the
deck just feel confident with it in my hands, They should be outlawed with
that patented club face the ball just bounces of it with very low spin plus
their stock shafts are better quality than the dirt they put in these top
brand names.

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