TaylorMade R15 3 Wood

TaylorMade R15 3 Wood reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. See what the new R15 fairway has to offer your golf bag and fairway shots. With its white head design the R15 fairway is stunning looking but does its performance really help you play some better golf.

15 thoughts on “TaylorMade R15 3 Wood

  1. I dont like this club, it doesnt seem to be a good fairway wood or be that
    good a mini driver (its a R15 surely a double slider should be expected),
    it tries to do too much and fails and yes I mind having a mud trap on the
    bottom of a club I use off the deck ;-)

  2. Yeah for me I want something that I can regularly hit off the deck and get
    it up in the air easy, like perhaps you said about the G30 Fairway in that
    review (plus I game G30 driver). Equally I’ve never been a big fan of the
    white clubs in general so it loses out on looks for me too. I’m waiting on
    your review of the sexy Mizuno blue club you’ve pictured on Twitter and
    then come March/April I’ll be trading up from my Srixon M-Steel 3 Wood to
    that or the G30, or whatever comes next that’s easy to get airborne 😉

    And I might looks at 4W or 5w this time around anyway, loved my M-Steel 5W
    until the head snapped off the shaft 2 months ago after 7 years of solid

  3. I made a couple swings with this club at the local shop and wasn’t
    impressed. My launch angle was lower than normal with low spin as well. But
    I would guess hitting your normal ProV1 style soft ball may also increase
    spin. I didn’t like the feel of this club but it was just a few swings
    w/out any hosel adjustment.

  4. Mark amazing after seeing your Justin rose “in the bag” tweet, this coming
    out.. Perhaps why he stayed with an SLDR wood as I teased with my mention

    (In the States so this might have been yesterday for you?)

  5. I’m with you on this one Mark as far as that low spin off the deck. You’re
    an amazingly consistent ball striker, and even you had a couple very
    miserable results with those couple miss-hits. I can’t even imagine how a
    higher hdcp’r could possibly get anything good (off the deck) from this

    I recently tested the new Callaway 815 Alpha 3 wood. They are coming std.
    now with 16° loft; of course changeable down 1° & up 2°. If not for the
    price ($300.00) I would have purchased it already. A bit more testing on
    that one is in order for me before I’m ready to drop that kind of money.
    Geeze, 2 years ago that same money would have gotten me a top notch driver.

    And I don’t say any of this lightly. I’m a die-hard Ping guy and it was
    that Callaway FT OptiForce 2 years ago that pulled me away from Ping on the
    driver. Now I’m hooked on the Callaway drivers I think for good. I’ve also
    tested the new Alpha hybrids (3 & 4) and I’ll probably switch to those as
    well. For me, those hybrids were more consistent with the miss-hits; the
    ball stayed airborne longer and more importantly, stayed straighter than
    the current Ping Anser’s I’m hitting now. My miss with the hybrids is
    right, but with the Callaway Alphas, the miss-hits were only 5 yds. right
    instead of 15.

    Anyway, I’d love to see you do a demo video on this Callaway 3 wood along
    with a couple of the hybrids. Thanks!

  6. You have a fantastic feel of what’s going on at the strike Markus, your toe
    strikes are like us mere mortals pure strikes.

    I’ve found with my Bio Cell plus 3 wood, for accuracy, it prefers a centre
    to heel strike (almost like my blades), anything out the toe is an absolute
    banana shot

    I suppose at the end of the day it’s a club, not a magic wand.

  7. Mark, could you (or maybe someone else on here) explain when you do want
    spin and when you don’t. I see and hear so much about low spinning drivers
    and I don’t really follow who they’re aimed at and now the same with this
    club. When is spin your friend and when is it your enemy??!! What are the
    pros and cons of low spinning vs slightly higher spinning clubs (mainly the

  8. I’ve never understood why people want their 3 wood to fly like their
    driver, ie distance and launch. 3 woods are about controllable distance
    witch a touch of accuracy. This R15 doesn’t seem to offer any of that for

  9. i like so see my 3 wood flying like a driver. I am hitting it very often
    from the tee if i cant hit driver because of course management but still
    want to get the best distance out of it. Otherwise i play my 3 wood
    maximum 1 time on 18 holes from fairway just bacause i dont need 260-270
    Yards from fairway that often. But i dont play a slider fairwaywood. Mine
    is a callaway razer hawk. for 230-240 yard shots i play my 2 iron from the
    fairway.Its a callaway utility 2 iron 

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