Taylormade R15 430 Callaway 815 DBD Driver

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Taylormade R15 430 Callaway 815 DBD Driver. Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru tests the two very low spinning golf drivers from Callaway and Taylormade golf. See which driver ould help you hit longer golf drives and hit more fairways.


Vici Martynov says:

Pfffft they are both lovely drivers, all the rubbish on the bottom I
couldnt give a toss about, once it is fit I never want to see an adjustment
again. I just like a classic looking club with a low penetrating flight,
dont care about spin, if I hit it, like it and it performs well for me its
in the bag. Amazing selection of drivers on teh market right now, do you
want high, low, friendly, scarey you can find just the club for your bag
from almost any manufacturer. We live in interesting times i think. Alas,
my bag is now complete for the next couple of years, I dont want to change
my lovely red Nike Covert woods or VR Pro irons so I will feel like a child
with my nose pressed up against the sweet shop window for the forseeable
future :-)

Maximilien Jacobs says:

Can you please review the vapor drivers?

fullwerkes says:

Here is an interesting question. I am a low spin hitter and my spin numbers
generally come out low [with my g30 I get as low as 1800rpm subject to
strike]. Why is that? I know you would need to see my launch monitor
numbers etc..etc..however I am sure you have seen similar people like this?

elroraps says:

This reminds me of a time when Mark and I were younger. His dad used to run
a burger van in Swindon that did sort of slap up hot dogs and chips etc.
Place used to be filthy, mouse droppings all over the place and Mark’s job
used to be to clean them all up. But he never used to just sweep them away,
he would pick them up individually by hand and put them into a jar with
vinegar. He reckoned the smell after a year of fermenting was enough to
fell a horse. He then used to sniff it after 6 months or so and apparently
it made him high. Was a weird kid but a nice fella.

Stephen Penn says:

Mark, I’m interested to know why the lower spin, smaller headed drivers are
supposedly more for lower handicap players? I get the smaller cc element
and guess that you have a smaller face (is that right?!) but would a miss
hit on a 430cc club be that much worse than on a 460cc club? I’m interested
to learn where the ‘forgiveness’ element comes from on some clubs and how
much more ‘forgiving’ they actually are.

You mentioned that you were going to do some videos on this so they may
well answer my questions!! 

jake Stevens says:

if this is Marks job, its a great one

itubeutude says:

Is the DBD a closed face? Where do you hit your titleist balls if the range
there is too short for normal balls?

stu says:

@mark crossfield – I was fitted for a driver a few years ago – taylormade
R11S. My ball speed was averaging at 146mph, smash factor 1.49, spin rate
2200 and launch angle at 14 degrees. However, my carry distance averages at
236 yards. My numbers don’t seem to far out from yours so why the big
difference in carry?

j law says:

ive been having trouble with distance and contact lately, I live in the US
and its very cold like mid 30’s low 40’s with no grass and sloppy grounds
and I am a good ball striker and I was hitting 7 iron almost 170 this
summer and now im struggling to hit it 155 is it just a coincidence or do
you think its just the temperatures and conditions?

thecrazycarman says:

I bought the sldr 430 because of the great numbers I saw players getting
with it, the smaller head shape, and the loft up tech in it. I like
taylormade and hit the driver pretty well. Would love to see a video
talking about how forgiving, or not forgiving, the low spinning drivers on
the market are compared to what are considered to be “forgiving” drivers
such as the g30. 


Very Interesting, Mark. Will be sure to check these out. Particularly like
the looks of the DD’s! Thanks for another great upload :)

Jake Garcia says:

Nice reviews. I can’t wait to hear your opinion on hi MOI drivers vs low
MOI and how that effects ball flight.

Peter Dewint says:

Double Diamond Works Wonders….

Cameron Kyle says:

Hey mark, you had some great numbers with the Titleist 915 range when you
reviewed them… why have they not made it in the bag?

ukjunglist26 says:

Navy blue beats turquoise 

david chapman says:

looking forward to the john smedley blue jumper up against lyle & scott
blue jumper review.

gerwyn jones says:

Review the nike vapors mark please.

David Price says:

Would love to see r15 460 vs 915d2.

blessedproducts87 says:

I’m currently using taylormade r11 driver average 270-280 carry. I find
with alot of reviews and club test they compare only to new to new clubs
what I really want to know as I don’t buy drivers every 6 months. Will a
new driver give me better results? 

varment01 says:

Any new cobra gear ?

TheHeez says:

I’d be curious to see you take the DBD out on the course. From your numbers
it seems to be a little bit straighter for you as well. Nevermind that
little Blockey action, chalk it up to an outlier!

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