TaylorMade R15 430 SLDR S Driver

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TaylorMade R15 430 SLDR S Driver


chamilitary999 says:

They are both performing quite the same, if the SLDR S was in 430, you
would get the same spin I think. However you’ve got less Ball speed
dispersion with the R15 430, that’s quite interesting because I’ve though
that you would had that with the SLDR S 460 which is supposed to be more

Do you think that the R15 430 is more forgiving than the SLDR 430 ?

Anyway thanks for the review

Rick Bonoan says:

I game the SLDR-S at 12d of loft. Considering that I bought it only last
year, it’s probably staying in the bag for at least a couple more years.
But, dang, that R15 430 does look so good (looked at it at the golf

Nathan Crichard says:

I do like my SLDR 430, but the R15 430 does seem to look a bit bigger(only
looks) i know the CCs are the same, very tempted, i would think the R15 430
is more forgiving than the SLDR 430, but wouldnt mind seeing the R15 both
430 and 460 against the Srixon Z745 (430) and the Z545 (460) because i’m
very close to pressing the “buy it” button on the Z545….

Mark Dean says:

Hi Mark, as we all know taylormade bang out clubs like crazy! Do you know
if they are bringing out the r15 with a fixed neck (sldr s styley) ?

Evan McGee says:

I’ve watched a lot of these videos and I’m baffled at why you’ve still got
a FT-3 sign up on the wall.

Perry Marchant says:

Yes mark!! I’ve been thinking for a while that confidence with a club
matters. I’m so glad you mentioned it as I think it will help get your
point through to people. 🙂 

Solomon Spydro says:

Aahha love that metaphor 

Drew Robbins says:

The dispersion seemed to be much better with the SLDR so maybe the extra 3
yards isn’t worth sacrificing the accuracy and a bit more forgiveness for? 

Strat TelePaul says:

I do not really suffer from “too many choices”. I can choose to buy a new
driver, or I can buy food for 6 months.

fraser carnihan says:

Having watched most of your course Vlogs (The IT industry isn’t the most
I would say the SLDR performs better for you, with more sneaky long drives
on the course.

arran ho says:

Remember when Mark wasn’t a ‘fan’ of TaylorMade?

Mark Dean says:

Love the review. As someone who has struggled for years hitting driver I
find the s version so easy to hit even on off center hits. As nice as the
r15 is I would struggle ( be scared) to change. 😀
Feel is king!!

tbGTR says:

what lofts did you have these two set up at mark???

Cloran says:

Dispersion was certainly more consistent with the larger head. 

euan mcneill says:

What are the white dots on the face?

Speedy Golf Cart says:

#SweetOverload haha love it

iChAoS1 says:

Sldr feels like a spade 

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