TaylorMade R15 460 SLDR Driver

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TaylorMade R15 460 SLDR Driver reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru. mark hits the R15 Taylormade driver up against the SLDR and talks about which one he would game and why with the help of launch monitor data from GC2.

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Vici Martynov says:

I think the most underrated aspect of club performance is history. Tour
Pros dont underestimate it, getting a club in Tiger’s bag is like pulling
teeth. Why would you throw away a good summer’s experience with a good club
just to buy the latest model even if a robot can show you its better. It is
madness. You will always get the best out of a well used and loved club and
it will always take time to understand the little ways of a new one. Once I
buy a club, unless I am just not getting on with it, its in the bag till
it gets tatty (O.o points at the new Nike pro combos in my bag – hmmmm –
well OK fair cop but my old ones were very cheap and over a year old
anyway, girl has to move onwards and upwards hmph) ;-)

rosenlefty12 says:

so pretty much my money is better spent on a 250 dollar sldr and a custom
fitting session rather than a 700 dollar purchase for an r15 and a custom
fitting session?

Paul Wrigley says:

I think the SLDR was a great driver for anybody with a swing speed over 100
mph who regularly finds the middle of the face. However it was to low spin
that in general players with slower swing speeds struggled to keep the ball
in the air. It seems to me that Taylormade have addressed this issue by
making the 460 with a higher spin model more suited to slower swing speeds,
which is why faster swing speed players have had to drop the loft a degree
compared to sldr. The R15 430 is the real progression of the SLDR. The R15
will be a commercial success as the 460 and 430 will combine to cover a
larger range of players.

Rat454 says:

Really like your reviews Mark. Unlike other youtubers who buy into the
marketing bs, your reviews and numbers show pretty much how close all
drivers are, which is obvious because the manufacturers are working under
the same regulations and must have everything maxed out already. 

itubeutude says:

Why does the picture on the slow motion video go dark?

KHLthe2nd says:

Looks like the same head shape. Are you possibly being thrown off by the
black part on the back?

Leftienige Blank says:

Hello Mark, when do you expect to get a Low-Spin G30? I bet it’ll blow
these two away! 

Djibrill77 says:

Great review as always! During all your driver testing, with driver do you
consider as the most forgiving? As it is pretty obvious that it’s the
strike that make you spin the ball to much. Will a low strike with a 460cc
driver lose less distance then a equivalent strike with a 430/40cc head?
Luv the vids and your thoughts around what really matters in golf, both
technical and social! 

Andrew Napper says:

Hi Mark,
You are such a good and consistent driver of the ball. When you do these
tests, can you also get some test results from higher handicapper, that has
less consistency. Will the R15 with the weights spread out to their
maximum give better results than the SLDR for someone that doesn’t strike
the driver as good as yourself? 

Rohan The Boat says:

Good vid as always Mark. Could you and the Buzzman do a video on driver
loft (low vs mid vs high) for fade and draw shots with the driver. I am
interested to see how much the loft of the driver effects the spin, ball
speed and distance numbers when playing fades or draw shots. It seems that
whenever I have a 10.5 or higher driver loft, I lose considerable distance
when playing fades compared to draws, and the opposite being true for when
hitting draws with higher lofts vs lower lofts. Cheers Mark.

James Heaton says:

Love how honest you are in testing so thanks for that Mark. I am using SLDR
S and never for one minute thought that the R15 would surpass it and your
test confirms it. To anyone buying a new ‘loft up’ driver I would save
yourself £100 and just get the SLDR. 

adzie11 says:

Gday mark. Firstly im from australia and love your videos. Im a 27
handicapper, just started playing at a club. Ive had lessons but first
round after im still hitting same score. Ive adjusted my swing and when
hitting properly its coming of alot better. When should i see results.
Otherwise practice ptractice and more practice right ?? 

Michael Rolton says:

Do you retrieve your Pro V1 golf balls or do some folk using the range get

Billy NoMates says:

Hi Mark, at what length do you play your SLDR S? I’ve just put one in the
bag but am going to cut down to 44 or 44.5″. Distance is not a concern so I
am happy to lose 10 yards distance for improved accuracy. Thanks

Adrian Canny says:

hey mark great review as usual- amazing to see that there was such marginal
differences between the two clubs.

by any chance will you be reviewing the nike vapor hybrid?

Tom Cooke says:

I really don’t like the way the white on R15 comes down onto the top of the
face, makes it look shallow. Actually, I really just don’t like the white.

Michael Ruppel says:

you don’t like the white and black on r15. you do know they make a all
black version right?

Paul Wrigley says:

Nice review… I’d like to see the same style with big bertha alpha against
the Double d.

nazdak9 says:

Short honeymoon with the Mizuno JPX 850. What made you take it out of the

Strat TelePaul says:

I’d prefer the green Titleist bag behind you.

itubeutude says:

why would sldr spin lower than r15?

S. SH says:

nanananananananana nananananananana 

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