TaylorMade R15 460 Taylormade R15 430 Drivers

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TaylorMade R15 460 Taylormade R15 430 Drivers. Watch as Mark hits the two taylorMade golf drivers talking about how the 460 head compares to the 430. See if the two golf drivers deliver different numbers and performance that could help you hit more fairways and lower your golf scores and handicap.

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Mark Crossfield says:

TaylorMade R15 460 Taylormade R15 430 Drivers: http://youtu.be/1WS04i5utdg

"Amateur" Golf Reviewer says:

Mark are you not fast doing yourself out of a job here. Yes we understand
strike is key but these drivers you test DO work differently in our mere
mortal hands.

Take me for instance I am an 8 hcp player. I have just swapped from x2hot
to i25. My typical strike is middle/towards the toe. I have shaved off 600
– 700 revs and increased my distance by 12 yds on average. Of course my
shot shape has not changed because of where I strike the ball. Draw to hook
on a bad day.

Your strikes are pure but ours are not. We all understand about our own
swing faults and our bad shot and all of us including pro’s can do with
custom fit and regular lessons. However I really do feel that different
clubs in different hands can change our game.

Check out rick shiels channel as he put this to the test with an amateur
player last month. They tested several different drivers and the results
spoke for themselves.

I watch your videos on a regular basis and love the tech side of your
reviews. So please do a video proving the theory with amateur golfers. It
will be interesting for all of us who follow you. 

jimbofatplum says:

low spin seems to be your main criteria in choosing a driver but I don’t
see consistent big differences.
in fact I see +- 5 yards between say 1300 and 2700 backspin or maybe a 10
yd max difference.
this small difference is with a pro striking the ball, which must equate to
zero difference for a handicap player.
buy on looks n feel seems the logic choice as before.

straight True says:

“Strike is King”…….. I have been using the tip of putting a black dot
on my range balls with a sharpie to analyse strike on the club face. It has
helped me adjust my off centre hits and am hitting the ball much
more ‘cleanly’. Changed my set up accordingly to achieve this………..
“Strike is King”, indeed it is. 

Vici Martynov says:

Chalk and cheese, clubs are very definately not the same proving that
distance is the most mindless criteria to choose a club by. You couldnt
even find these two clubs, that look more or less the same, as attractive
as each other. These are high launching clubs with a high looping
trajectory and all sorts of adjustment, Nike Vapour Pro has a low
penetrating flight and only loft adjustment. They will all drive about the
same distance but are about the same as a soldier and a nun ;-)

petecabrina says:

Interesting we have got to the situation here where ‘strike is king’, and
this is ‘just another pointless review’. Gratz on the honesty. 

edwin lambley says:

Another “New” Driver from Taylor Made.
I appreciate you review current/new equipment on line as part of your job
now and manufactures are “Happy to help” with demo equipment and trips out.
How about comparing equipment from years ago to present models to see how
far we have advanced. Say Ping Eye 2’s from the early 80’s to G30. We have
all seen the adverts (ah! the adverts) for Taylor Made being No 1 used
drivers on tour, but how much better are they than 5/10 years ago. Yes I
know they can now be custom fitted but in reality most of us cant hit the
club face in the same place 3 out of 10 times so I would expect a lot of
improvement on off centre hits yardage BUT how much. I’m not having a go at
Taylor Made (Adidas) they are in business to make money as are all
manufactures and they and you say it’s the best equipment at this moment in
time. The R1 was a fantastic driver but the Rocketballz was going to go
further and faster than anything in history now bargain bin item. It would
be nice to see data comparing same spec, lofts and shaft length not numbers
on the bottom of an iron. Perhaps another video on the balls now available
would be good for viewers, just a thought. Keep up the good work mate you
are a “Pioneer” in this media. Ed 

Seamus Griffin says:

Dear Santa,
Sorry to bother you again but Parfield has just brought out yet another
driver review video. I know you are very busy now just and I know I that
can’t have all the drivers in my bag at the same time …..

a GamePlaya says:

Hi Mark,
Love these videos keep them coming. I was hoping to add an idea for a fun

Maybe a comparism of drivers from the old wooden one through the years upto
a current driver comparing all the numbers etc.. I would enjoy watching
this, just so I can actually see the difference the newer tech actually
makes… if any.

"Amateur" Golf Reviewer says:

What’s the point of reviews and comparisons if we are just going to say
they are all the same. Yes they are built to the same tolerance levels set
by the governing bodies as a maximum. However the manufacturers spend
millions on development of these clubs . We cannot just believe this is
marketing BS. Yes we all like different colour ways, shapes etc but the
club’s are different in performance if only slightly.

Yes different people, stature, swings, strike etc determine the difference
for us all as individuals but all drivers are not performing the same.

I guess the only way to find out would be to benchmark the latest bats
against each other using a robot. Would be great if a manufacturer had the
courage to through down the gauntlet to the others. 

Martyn Murfitt-Wrather says:

Great & honest review Mark! Hopefully the subliminal message of ‘visit your
pro & get a lesson’ will get through 🙂 I am awaiting my fitting for the
Titleist 915 – potentially changing from 910D2 – and I am tacking a couple
of lessons into the deal to hopefully get me in good shape for Spring 2015!
Keep up the good work! Cheers!

Tom Hobbs says:

Normally I stay clear of videos that compare drivers with each other as if
any one club in my bag is going to mis-behave, for me, it is the Driver! I
was stirred to watch because of the content of the comments posted. I am
not one who is prone to buying the ‘latest’ gizmo’s nor one who is loyal to
one particular brand. I agree that the ‘strike is king’ and with the fact
that it’ s all about path,plane,consistency etc. But I was surprised by the
reduction of spin when the two were compared, that’s what I learned from
this video. Keep up the good work Mark,after all , you are only trying to
help the ‘masses’!

william stolp says:

I’m curious and I did a quick search of your videos and not sure I saw it
or not but, what about reviews for the Srixion 745 drivers 460 vs 430. I’m
a staff club pro with them and I’m interested to hear your thoughts.


MrBadassbuddha says:

What i would really like to see is……. is it worth me retiring my
current driver (9 yrs old now, im tight) to ANY of these new ones? Would i
see 20yds difference, with tighter dispersion? That’s the comparison I want
to see

golfninja says:

+Mark Crossfield Interesting spin numbers coming out of the 430º, probably
going to see a lot of them in Tour players bags in 2015 …. Hope TM bring
out a black 430 (pretty sure they will :)…. they’ll have to if they want
to catch up to all those Callaway releases …… 😉 & strike as always is
king ……

Matthew Dougherty says:

I would actually like to see how the numbers look when compared to strike.
Really it looked like you hit the 430 much higher on the face which could
be the reason you were getting lower spin. I wonder if you compared strike
area to numbers and see if there is a significant difference?

"Amateur" Golf Reviewer says:

I really do wonder what is going through our minds with some of the
comments on here. So all drivers are the same now?. Well then let’s shut up
shop and tell the manufacturers to close their R&D departments. Lets just
keep the drivers we have in our bags and put our wallets away. Don’t waste
your money Ping, Taylormade, titleist etc because you have gone as far as
you are gonna go. Don’t give us any more hyperspeed faces or active recoil
channels because they simply don’t work lol. Stop wasting your millions on
R&D and just give us a new funky colour, design or sound. Ridiculous,
ridiculous, riduculous.

If we continue along this vein then part of the magic about why we love
golf will be gone. We all want the longer driver, easier to hit iron and
the putter with the ultimate feel. Yes, ok, we don’t really believe
Taylormade when they say each product is 10 yards further than the last.
Who does because if this was the case I would be hitting 500 yard drives by
now. However not every product is the same and some manufactures simply do
it better than others sometimes.

Mark you know this and that’s why you do the reviews. So please stop with
the “they are the same” nonsense. For instance you hit the Titleist 915
driver 280 carry and your typical carry is somewhere in the 260s. You were
glowing at the end of the review. Did you have your spinach that day?????
Or is it simply that the ARC actually works. Also you banged on for ages
about Taylormade and you were not overly impressed with the SLDR at first.
However when you were fitted by Taylormade sometime later and actually
understood loft up you saw a big increase in performance and then gamed it
all summer based on the performance statistics.

We all know you have a living to protect and you can’t afford to annoy the
manufacturers, but some products are simply better made and engineered than
others. Please please get back to honest reviews of what is good, an
advancement and what is not. Even if the improvements are miniscule then it
is evolutionary and may help us mere mortals to enjoy the game a little
more. Even a couple more fairways hit may be enough to lower our handicaps.
Maybe get a little more scientific and give us comparison data from
comparable areas of the face with similar strike characteristics so we can
glean something more from the reviews. Or even focus on putters and wedges
a little more as this is where the real scoring is.

invisaman75 says:

I agree “get fit” but on the other hand; life is too short to play clubs
you don’t like but if the club gives you poor results then “you get, what
you get”!

hbyrdut says:

It seems to me that every since the SLDR came out all the new drivers have
made a leap in distance that they hadn’t been making in the past few years.

Strat TelePaul says:

Have not tried these, but when I tested SLDR I easily hit the 430 head
better and more consistently. Not as good as my Razr Fit Xtreme, but

BANDANA960 says:

Last time I recall you quite liked the Aeroburner so how about R15 430 VS
Aeroburner TP. That sounds fun 

T. White says:

What happens to the clubs you get to use in your videos?

GENO Dboy says:

can you do r15 vs aero burner fair way woods in a 15 loft

Zu Qu says:

Do the Nike Vapor Pro Combo’s

Heinrich Gregorowski says:

Do you prefer R 15 430 over your SLDR that you use/d.

T. White says:

I’d love to see some putter reviews.

The Grateful Golfer says:

I am not affiliated with TaylorMade, but I thought you might like this
technical review.

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