TaylorMade R15 Driver

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TaylorMade R15 Driver reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. See what the new TaylorMade driver could do for your golf game and if the new low forward and double weight system could help you play some better golf. With SLDR and its low forward COG the new R15 features a even more pushed forward CG for low spin and high launch drives.

36 thoughts on “TaylorMade R15 Driver

  1. The black one looks really nice. Techy but in an nice way.
    Quoting golf.com: The R15 comes in white or black in 460cc or 430cc heads.
    Lofts: 9.5°, 10.5°, 12° or 14°. Available January 9, 2015.

  2. I haven’t been a huge fan of TM’s drivers and what seems to many as a
    marketing onslaught of new clubs every few months.

    BUT, I am really excited about the R15. This seems like a club that can be
    a mainstay in the bag for a long long time. Even for mid to high
    handicappers. Use the weights on opposite sides to maximize forgiveness,
    and as the handicap gets better, the characteristics of the club can change
    as well. Swing getting better and more consistent? Move the weights to
    something more neutral.

    It seems like a great club to grow with. Can’t wait to give this a try.

  3. I drank the sldr koolaid… And it performs well I picked up a whopping 4
    yards of carry over the cleveland classic I had been playing for the
    prevoius three years. I think I’ll stick with the 430 head until its goes
    dead, cracks or the r17 comes out. Cheers.

  4. Surely having 2 weights limits the amount of configurations. If you have
    them together they take up 2 notches instead of 1 if you have them apart
    they neutralise each other’s effect (bar the increase in MOI) personally I
    agree with mark the amount of weight being moved relative to other inputs
    is nearly negligible and if just fine tuning and feel really.

  5. Moving both weights to the outside position would increase the mass to the
    corners of the club away from the center of gravity ergo increasing the MOI
    (moments of inertia). MOI depicts how “forgiving” a club feels meaning it
    decreases the amount of sideways/up and down movement of the head upon
    impact when hitting outside the sweet spot (where the CG is projected on a
    vector normal to the face of the club).

  6. Everybody, quit bitching about Tmag putting out new product. It’s quality
    shit, who cares. I think a lot of people are forgetting the SLDR came out
    in 2013. And this seems to be a mashup of R and SLDR tech, which should
    mean that this is the club they’ll stick with for awhile. Besides, how much
    better can these things get? Before too long we’ll be adding 100 yards to
    every hole in the US

  7. I appreciate the honesty in your review of this club. If it were up to the
    manufacturers, one might be led to believe every new club will give us 10
    extra yards and pipe them all down the center of the fairway!

  8. Hello Mark, will you LOFT UP this driver to spec it to the same as your
    SLDR loft and stabilize it by moving the weights to the outside? Would you
    also use your shaft from your SLDR in it or is not interchangeable? To give
    a chance to run better numbers than SLDR :-D?

  9. A test I would like to see is comparing these results (weights centered) to
    spreading the weights out to their respective max points. The question
    would then be what is the performance cost of more stability?

  10. I haven’t got my SLDR to hand but I wondered if I could get additional
    weights on to my existing SLDR to give it the extra stability TM are
    claiming this club has. I don’t have this issue any way but if anyone did
    and had the SLDR could this be done?

  11. Decent manufacturers release far less often and people get excited about
    their products. Taylor made release a club every five minutes and it’s just

  12. Do you think a smaller headed driver, like in the R15 or 915 range etc.
    makes much difference when it comes down to forgiveness or increasing club
    head speed or is it just another club for them to sell???

  13. It’s an sldr with an extra weight and slightly changed graphics Taylormade
    are like apple just slightly improving all the time but making a song and
    dance about the slightest of change. In my opinion which counts for nothing

  14. I like the review. Interested in one of your comments. You mentioned you
    are hitting your SLDR at a 10 degree now loft but when you were fitted for
    the SLDR your loft was 11.25. Have you changed your swing or what made the

  15. Nice review but I think you’d see better numbers if you were fitted mark
    because I see with all this tech that fitting is getting more and more
    vital and it’s difficult to test a club straight away without getting the
    right specs for you. Cheers

  16. Don’t like white drivers and the moveable weights look so cheap and tacky.
    Also, i prefer COG low and back for stability. Not tempted by this one.

  17. would love to see a big test of 2014 drivers mark, wonder how many tm would
    have in the lineup. Hate to mention shafts, but a better shaft would help
    with clubhead stability. i’ll go away and hide now ;(@)

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