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Peter Keeling says:

I’ve tested the R1, R15 and Sldr. I hit a thousands of balls switching
clubs. I omitted all off strikes. I used the exact same shaft (Matrix Ozik
black tie 7m3 Xflex) on all three heads with. The club head speed I had
most was 127mph so I averaged all the 127’s and there was less than a 2
yards between all three. I then added up all the ones with 1cm off centre
hits and less than 2 yards difference. Looking at the data the difference
could easily be accounted to less slight different trajectories. Drivers
are released to rip us off. They all claim more distance. If we believed
this, dustin johnson a average would have gone up 30yds the last 3 years
and yet it’s the similar

Peter Keeling says:

All clubs are made to the set limits, the only way to make them go further
is break the golfing manufacturing rules

Peter Keeling says:

R1 has a more forgiving face on miss hits compared to the sldr when hit by
a robot. To be a fair test you’d have to hit 1000 balls with each. Whe you
do test one club after the other, you’ll likely get more length as the test
goes on( so think the latter driver maybe longer) but you’ll tire, so
you’ll have more miss hits. If you did this test the same on 10 different
occasions switching order of heads you’d have different results. The test
study is slightly scientific, but nowhere near conclusive. Ie you wasted
your time

Peter Keeling says:

I’m a physicist and changing moi and loft is just another way of returning
the same spin and launch conditions. The physics around ball flight cannot

Lance Sedevie says:

Add some loft to r1 and retry. I bet the 3 are within 5 yards. Thanks 

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