TaylorMade R15 vs Titleist 915 D3 + Jamie Sadlowski Swing Changes

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In this week's Quest For 350 video I test out the Titleist 915 D3 against the TaylorMade R15 and try to replicate elements of Jamie Sadlowski's swing!

Jamie Sadlowski on how to smash the golf ball!

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Petri Keskitalo says:

177 mph ballspeed should get you there if you just improve launch! Great
watching these videos.
You should compare swingweights on those two drivers. I think the r15 might
need some lead tape.

Peter Finch Golf says:

In this week’s Quest For 350 video I test out the Titleist 915 D3 against
the TaylorMade R15 and try to replicate elements of Jamie Sadlowski’s

Michael Rolton says:

Can’t comment technically but I know, from experience, that change is
rarely a smooth ride. Good luck with the swing data review and I look
forward to your next Quest For 350 video. Can’t wait to see the day when
Rick lays up from a 300 yd hazard and you blast straight over it.

gbvoul says:

just turn the boost up. If all you want to do is hit a 350 yard drive on a
launch monitor.

akaBPhife says:

Just got the 915d3 my spin is well over 3k … Gotta figure something out,

Kevin Boudreau says:

Pete you are smashing it! nice work and rest up. #SmoothSwingingFinch

James Littler says:

Another very enjoyable video. I’m really liking this quest for 350 series
you’ve devised. You do realise you’ve not got a cat in hell’s chance of
pulling it off, don’t you, and you’re going to look like an almighty knob
jockey when ultimately you come up short? However, look on the bright
side, you’ll be much fitter after a year of gym work and you can still
smash it farther than the rest of us duffers. 

glpincus says:

Im in the EXACT same boat.. after hitting the r15. n going to the D3… it
felt too light and I couldnt smack it as far. in a month Ill go get fitted
at a special hitting bay that hits onto a driving range like yours. and
test the different shafts im thinking of getting. and see which is best.
but excellent video! i think you were tired towards the end. so the numbers
could have been slightly better for the r15. id start with it first next
time. and hit the D3 second and see how yours numbers go. All the best!

David Simmons says:

Rory averages around 120 swing speed. Difference is putting all the factors
together consistently. All the best Pete, watch the back! 

Adam Coyne says:

Hi Pete, have you looked at the aero burner. Have been reading a lot about
this club being a long bomber and seen Rick smashing it out there on his
video’s. The longer shaft might help with increasing that club head speed.
Also regarding adding the width in the back swing, if you not maintaing
that width in the downswing is it not completely pointless? 

gary etherson says:

What was Jamies aoa? I went for a loft fitting on the jpx850 last sat. we
had it at 8.5 but I was still launching it at 18degrees. I wasn’t getting
much carry out. going back in s few weeks for a lower launching shaft. I
tied a low launching x in a difference model and the flight was so much
better with 20 more yards of roll. good luck with the quest pete !

Benjamin Smith says:

YOU NEED MORE LOFT! if you combined the swing at 127mph and the swing with
the 1.51 or the 1.52 smash. That would get you to ball speed over 190mph.
More then enough to get you to 350yrds. You need to be in the 14-17deg of
dynamic launch.

Jason Little says:

Enjoying the journey with you Pete. Had to smile at some of the R15 shots
when watching your face, especially the one that was almost sky’d. Keep at
it, great series to watch. It reminded me to have that feeling of ‘pushing
the left shoulder’ away to the right hand side of the body on the take
away, this helped me in the past but ive forgotten to work on that lately
so will be mindful of it again. 

golfninja says:

+Peter Finch Golf Good stuff Perhaps do it again but hitting the R15 first
next time. Know that JS’s swing is entirely different to a more ‘normal’
type swing (as are all the LD guys) but notice they all have a good deal of
side bend in the downswing so they can get the right side really right
through the shot to get that wide extension through swing. Maybe worth a
try to increase your downswing side bend.

Marcus Crow says:

+Peter Finch Golf I never hear you talk about the length of your drivers
for this quest. Are all of your drivers 45″ ?? Have you ever thought or
tried a long drive driver just to compare like from Krank? I know there
drivers are low loft and usually 46″ – 48″ in length. Just a thought and
maybe a good video for you to make. Thanks for the videos.

speterj says:

I’m confused about the R15 toe weight comment. What’s the theory behind
that the toe weight will have a faster swing speed? We all know from
taylormade marketing that the weights in the center are for max distance.
However I do recall something about titleist experimenting on a toe
weighted driver or sweetspot on the toe because it’s the fasted part of the
club going though the impact zone. 

gabe soliari says:

If you’re going to do a face off between the 915, R15, and G30… please
use the LS Tech version of the G30. Also, have you evaluated the Mizzy 430
head for your quest?

Scott Glennie says:

Hey Pete I used a R11’s TP driver in 2012 which was tipped but found when I
ran out of gas on the course so did the club! These poker stiff shafts make
the sweet spot a must on taylormade drivers as there not a lot to help
Keep it up I’m sure you will tame it easily lol. 

TheBigdave1988 says:

It would be interesting to see what the difference in distance is between
an old school and new school driver…. I use a 907 just now, I’ve always
wondered if I was losing a lot of distance by using older technology

drewbiedrewbie says:

Still think you need to jump more after the squat, when you watch Jamie his
left foot is dragging back when he is basically weightless. Cant believe
I’m saying this to you sitting home with a beer hah. My favorite series so
far this year man!

TheSagemeister says:

Pete, thanks for the vid really interesting – really hammers home the point
that strike is key. With a club head speed thats up at 127mph, if you upped
your smash factor on that one that would have been very close to 350 total
yards surely? 

Joshua Payne says:

Since you’ve started the Quest for 350 you’ve got me on this some what
fitness binge. Now I’m working on my own quest to develop more speed and
power in my driver swing. Since I’ve started this year I’ve already gained
20 yards in distance. Keep at it you’ll reach that goal my friend!

PingDrv00 says:

I really wonder what the results would be like with the exact same shaft
models in each clubhead. I’m think the softer tip of the Titleist may be
adding a bit of additional lag speed through impact?

TXchadTX says:

Closest i’ve gotten to 350 on a LM was 345 and that was with 132 clubhead
speed. Smash factor always goes down swinging that hard. I also find that
creating that much lag wants to make (me) hit down on the ball more which
lowers the launch, carry etc. Big difference between 300 yards and 350

Davide Ciccoritti says:

That was fast!! A few of those swings had a very Mcilroy look to them. I
think the LS Tec is going to be the one that puts you over the top. 

Jack Hawkins says:

Hi Peter , I saw on some of your swings you held your finish , and in some
you sort of bounced back from the finish , does this have any affect on
distance or accuracy? 

Michael Højer says:

What are the length of the 915 and R15, and whats the shafts weights?

Stubbs N says:

Titleist just under 7degrees???? My putter is 8!!!!!haha

Drew Anker says:

Love your tempo but it’s nice to see you get after a couple. Thanks for
your vids… has really helped with my early extension and your tempo is
what I try to feel in the preshot. Your work is great, thanks man.

Julian Meier says:

your quest for 350 is the most enjoyable content on youtube! Both, The
Hammer from Orlando and Jamie, lift their front foot during backswing. What
do you think about that and did you have a try?

Super1Matt1 says:

How were you able to keep the spin numbers low, even though you hit all
over the face?

bill curtin says:

Peter since beginning to chase more yards with your driver has your side to
side variations increased? How about the effect on your scoring?

dante gonzalez says:

What do they (manufacture) say to increase your loft for more distance?

Cornwall1888 says:

Won’t that big rubber driving range tee take some yards off?

Ollie Heath Golf says:

You’ll be smashing 350+ in no time……. Awesome video!!! 

Keith Curley says:

Loving the 350 challenge Pete, keep it coming please

Andy M says:

Check out the somax 350 video. I dont get 350 but i do go long and its
accurate. Theres a lot of valuable info in their videos.

Stephen Jordan says:

If Blair Oneal was there would you hit it further:)

Dthacker7 says:

How come you don’t give the Callaways a try? Or have you and they just
don’t go far enough?

Ben Matthew says:

Just goes to prove… Strike is king….. 

Evan Maisel says:

Did you “activate your glutes?” ;)

lotxa nol says:

Try the g30 ls tec. It may go further

Leigh Cleere says:

First comment

Tom Stagg says:

Try hitting some top flights:)

fretzification says:

Just watched the video. Isn’t there a max. smash factor? I’ve never seen
numbers as high as for the R15

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